February 24, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Keep in mind that the two days before any Full Moon constitute a preparation period for the enlightening vibrations about to descend into human consciousness at the crescendo of the solar-lunar cycle. With the Pisces-Virgo Full Moon tomorrow at 12:27PM PST, it is wise to tune into your higher destiny path right now and realize that you are a spiritual-soul being having an earthly experience in this particular lifetime.

Yesterday’s Mercury shift from direct to retrograde motion may be just as weighty and influential today as on Saturday. Go over paperwork, receipts and files for errors and to make adjustments. Catch up on delayed correspondence with overseas pen pals and old classmates.

A short void lunar cycle arrives when the Moon in Leo makes its monthly opposition to Venus in Aquarius (8:51PM PST). Stay away from gossip and innuendo regarding dear ones and friends.

Once the clock strikes 10:54PM PST, the Moon enters Virgo. The little things in life are back in the catbird seat — directing much of the progress happening on Spaceship Earth. Organize and make your work space more efficient. Repairing equipment, sewing, quilt-making, weeding and polishing silverware are pragmatic activities associated strongly with this lunar dispensation.

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