February 26, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Just as the 48 hours before a Full Moon constitute a time-period for preparation of the enlightenment emanating from the solar-lunar crescendo, the 48 hours after the Full Moon are a time-period to disseminate the new illumination for all of humanity to absorb. It is a great time of any month to take on the role of being a goodwill ambassador to the truly needy and disenfranchised around the world.

Make sure you are not focusing undue attention on yourself because of a Mercury-Mars union at 20 degrees of Pisces (1:10AM PST). Trying to fulfill lower-level desires won’t cut the mustard right now. It is better to utilize this Mercury-Mars alliance to enhance your athletic interests and gymnastic training.

The monthly Moon-Mars polarity (10:14AM PST) is not only a reminder to be careful on the partnership front, but it also jump-starts a void lunar twilight zone that continues until 5:03AM PST tomorrow. Get down to brass tacks on the business front. Simplify your needs — especially around the time that Venus makes a frictional, 45-degree link with Pallas (8:42PM PST). Enjoy reading a biography, literary classic or bestseller with the Moon accentuating literary Virgo.

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