February 27, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Today is the second day in a row when you want to keep sending out the good news coming from Monday’s illuminating Full Moon. Even though the Moon starts the day void in Virgo, you can still be an emissary of solar light, love and wisdom to millions of your fellow human souls inhabiting this mysterious, third planet from the Sun.

The lunar orb leaves void status in Virgo by entering airy Libra (5:03AM PST). February started under this lunar placement and one of the keynotes at that time concerned improving the quality of primary partnerships. This keynote remains the same now as well.

Try to get through lower-level desires that can grow into hostile feelings and sentiments due to the Moon forming a parallel with Mars (10:55AM PST). However, good fortune may be guiding you onward since the annual Sun-Chiron union (energizing 10-degrees of Pisces) takes place at 11:18AM PST.

This boost for all kinds of healing and spiritual work is reinforced by a harmonious trine linking the Moon in Libra with Jupiter in Gemini (6:36PM PST). Strange forces are often on the prowl when the Sun and Chiron merge their vibrations. Keep learning from the oracular use of astrology, tarot, the I Ching and other sources of esoteric understanding.

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