March 03, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

As mentioned in yesterday’s calendar entry, focus on finishing old business as the Moon in Scorpio begins a nearly 12-hour void uncertainty cycle starting at 1:20AM PST and lasting until 1:12PM PST. Bullying tactics and arm-twisting maneuvers boomerang during such a twilight-zone of lunar energy.

A potentially revelatory, 72-degree link from Mars to Pluto (4:16AM PST) can be a vitality-booster (physically and emotionally), but only a few hours later, problem-solving may become more difficult since Pallas makes an abrasive, 45-degree tie with often hazy Neptune (7:52AM PST).

Do not be surprised if a lot of emotional tensions surface in these dozen hours before Scorpio Moon morphs into Sagittarius Moon at 1:12PM PST. The shift each month from the lunar orb being in zodiacal sign number eight to nine is often tumultuous as deep-seated feelings and bottled-up moody energy erupts from the underworld of consciousness.

However, as the Moon gradually gets used to the fiery Sagittarian dynamism, a euphoria and excitement can suddenly be present. A life-after-death victory seems to take hold and adventures in the great outdoors are advised — weather permitting. In addition, fun, games and sports can positively share the spotlight.

Obstacles to forward progress can still appear due to a potentially chaos-producing Moon square to Neptune (6:43PM PST) followed quickly by an intense Mars-Chiron parallel (6:58PM PST). The Mars-Chiron connection rekindles their conjunction in Pisces from February 12. Learn more about healing techniques, martial arts, and advances in alternative medicine.

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