March 11, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The pleasure principle is deeply at work this morning. Although the dark-of-the-moon vibes remain active until the New Moon occurs at 12:52PM PDT, you have Venus in your corner — giving you a boost in the creative arts and on the love front. This is all originating from the monthly Moon-Venus conjunction — right now in Pisces (4:34AM PDT). If you feel erotic impulses, they are undoubtedly coming from this liaison which is being reinforced by a supportive, 60-degree rapport between Mars and Juno (5:27AM PDT).

Once the New Moon energizes 22 degrees of Pisces (12:52PM PDT), the usual game plan is for earthlings to be taking great leaps forward with an aura of strong self-confidence. However, at the New Moons in January, February and now in March, each solar-lunar conjunction begins with a substantial void-of-course Moon cycle. The one today lasts until 4:18AM PDT tomorrow morning. It acts as a reminder to finish old projects instead of forging ahead with large-scale endeavors. You can still enjoy a variety of beloved hobbies as Mercury parallels Venus (1:57PM PDT).

While the Moon gears up to enter fiery Aries tomorrow morning, Mars beats it to the punch by shifting gears from Pisces to Aries (11:27PM PDT). The red planet will transit through its own sign of the zodiac until April 20 — providing personal willpower, extra physical vitality, and the ability to be courageous when the chips are down.

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