March 15, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Beware the ides of March (relating to the middle portion of this month) is a saying that is part historical and part literary drama — relating to the brutal passing of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. and a famous passage in Shakespeare play of Julius Caesar about 4 centuries ago. The ides of March used to relate to a significant moment of the Moon’s phases in the ancient Roman calendar and Mercury is on the verge of making its direct station just two days from now.

The Messenger of the Gods planet has been in reverse in Pisces since February 23 and is now barely going retrograde with any speed. The truth is that even before Mercury’s official stop in the zodiac on March 17 at 1:05PM PDT, it is virtually motionless. Therefore, it is wise to be extra cautious and careful concerning signings, paperwork, communications and correspondence over the next approximately 72 hours.

This doesn’t stop you from enjoying planting rituals under green-thumb endowing Taurus Moon. Cooking, baking and pragmatic activities across the board are favorable. Watch out for the shadow side of lunar Taurus — a stubborn resistance to change — as the Moon makes its monthly opposition to Saturn (9:28AM PDT). Look over your business accounts with a fine-tooth comb this evening.

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