March 17, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

It is a busy day on Spaceship Earth — especially due to Mercury shifting from reverse to direct at 6 degrees of Pisces (1:05PM PDT). However, before this main event takes place, your problem-solving abilities may be revved up — thanks to a subtle and yet still supportive, 30-degree tie from Venus to Pallas (2:20AM PDT).

Hasty actions can reverberate and backfire against you due to a Sun-Mars contra-parallel (11:57AM PDT). Be kind and attentive to loved ones needing your tender loving care and not words of condemnation.

When Mercury leaves retrograde status at 1:05PM PDT and throughout this entire 24-hour time-period, the themes of this planet — communications, learning programs, primary schools, intellectual prowess, business and trade, transportation, siblings, health and medicine, body-mind coordination, dexterity, wind and temperature changes, magic acts, sleight of hand, stealth and theft — are emphasized. Be aware that although Mercury is no longer doing backstrokes in Pisces, it will still take a day or two before the Messenger of the Gods planet actually picks up some significant daily speed in forward motion.

Helping you to feel the providential hand of divinity on your shoulder is the monthly Moon-Jupiter union in Gemini (6:49PM PDT). Believe in yourself and have faith that you are following the right course to fulfill your higher destiny in this lifetime. Keep your productivity flowing in the arts, crafts and favorite hobbies later tonight as Venus squares Ceres (11:40PM PDT).

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