March 21, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

While the Moon remains void in Cancer until 11:51PM PDT, keep finishing old business on a high and clear note. If your timing has been off-kilter — in terms of completing important work and projects — this morning’s rare trine of 120-degrees between Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces (4:43AM PDT) may help you make a readjustment.

Both Saturn and Chiron are associated with timing principles as Saturn is the ruler of chronological time (minutes; hours; days; weeks; months; years) while Chiron is in charge of what might be termed chirological time (the twilight zone; timing outside the Earth zone; higher-dimensional endurance; eternity). Don’t be surprised if their rendezvous today prods you to go on a learning binge about esoteric subjects and mystical themes.

Productivity and problem-solving can go hand-in-hand when Ceres forms a supportive, 60-degree alliance with Pallas (2:08PM PDT). Venus entering Aries (8:16PM PDT) provides a strange tip-off that the last ten days of March will be anything but peaceful. The time-period from March 22 to March 31 is filled with solar, lunar and planetary clashes — many of which originate from fiery Aries because of the presence of Mars and Uranus in this potent first sign of the zodiac.

As a matter of fact, a double union of Mars and Uranus tomorrow triggers this stellar explosion of energy that lasts about ten days and influences everyone on Planet Earth. From this perspective, the arrival of Leo Moon (11:51PM PDT) tonight — ending the long void lunar cycle in Cancer — may only be small potatoes. Get ready for a wild and crazy day on Friday with no holds barred.

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