March 22, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

As indicated in Thursday’s calendar entry, you will have your hands filled just getting through today relatively unscathed. The main adversary to peace and tranquility is a fairly rare Mars-Uranus conjunction at 9 degrees of Aries (11:18AM PDT). This has dynamic, willful and yet also volatile or explosive characteristics.

In addition, less than an hour before it happens, the same two planets form a parallel (10:29AM PDT). To those of you who are infrequent visitors to this calendar, a parallel is calculated via the Celestial Equator in north and south directions whereas our usual zodiacal aspects are calculated via the Ecliptic, the apparent Sun’s annual path in the sky. Parallels are very similar to zodiacal unions and can be just as potent as them.

With Mars and Uranus in close proximity to each other at the same degree of the zodiac, you want to avoid temperamental individuals in your neck of the woods. Say no to arguments and raucous debates about politics and lifestyles that could rile up people who have chips on their shoulders.

You can counter the tendency toward brash and reckless acts by being a deliberate agent for harmony as the Moon in Leo trines Venus and the Sun in Aries (12:15AM PDT and 3:42AM PDT, respectively). You can also utilize a Sun-Venus contra-parallel (1:06PM PDT) to bring loved ones into a state of serenity rather than distress.

The Moon trine to Uranus (3:39PM PDT) and Mars (3:55PM PDT) can represent an alternate method of steering clear of today’s hostile vibrations — by engaging in competitive athletics that get your adrenaline going in a positive manner.

Another long void lunar cycle appears on the scene when the Moon squares Saturn (8:29PM PDT). This begins a 36+ hour uncertainty zone that won’t end until 8:50AM PDT on Sunday. Get set for more cosmic shenanigans on Saturday.

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