March 25, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

With the potent Full Moon of Aries-Libra just two days from now, the next 48 hours become a key cycle of preparation for the enlightening vibrations that manifest at the height of the solar-lunar monthly time-period.

An early Venus-Neptune 30-degree rapport (1:23AM PDT) offers you a temporary feeling of euphoria, but that can slowly turn into stress or concern as the Moon parallels Mars (1:51AM PDT) followed by a Moon parallel Uranus (6:55AM PDT). If your business affairs appear to be more disorganized than you thought — under Virgo Moon — it is a signal to clean up your act across the board.

Part of the difficulty today is another void lunar cycle taking hold — starting at a Moon-Pluto flowing trine in earth signs (5:47AM PDT) and continuing into tomorrow at 2:33PM PDT. This has been a month of longer void lunar cycles than the usual. They add a considerable worry factor to the overall proceedings.

Today’s main cosmic headline comes with a vengeance as Mars in Aries makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link with Saturn in Scorpio (1:33PM PDT). Just two days ago, Jupiter in Gemini made the same 150-degree contact with Saturn and, by tomorrow morning, Mars and Jupiter form a 60-degree base to this Yod or Finger of God mysterious triangle in the zodiac. Nerves may be frayed as the psychic tension meter skyrockets, but life goes on.

Do all you can to be an ambassador of goodwill throughout humanity as the Moon parallels Venus (6:21PM PDT). Nevertheless, the celestial pressure cooker remains boiling on high overnight.

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