March 26, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

It is questionable whether a supportive, 60-degree link between Mars and Jupiter (3:28AM PDT) is really going to bring a semblance of peace, contentment and order to society and humanity. This Mars-Jupiter rapport is part of a Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Finger of God or Yod mysterious cosmic triangle that could be spreading worry like a virus throughout the business and investment communities as well as in the realms of sports, publishing and higher education.

Due to upcoming movements by Venus and the Sun in Aries, there will be two more Finger of God geometric alignments occurring during the last two days of March and the first day of April. Hopefully, the arrival today of Libra Moon (2:33PM PDT) can offer a megadose of harmony and balance — especially on behalf of primary partnerships.

However, the solar system has something up its sleeve right now as Mars squares Pluto (8:48PM PDT) while Jupiter squares Chiron (11:47PM PDT). Once again, the celestial forces beyond our control appear to be throwing down more gauntlets for human souls to run through in order to find safe havens. The Mars-Pluto encounter reminds you to avoid fighting with loved ones. Try to tweak the Jupiter-Chiron square-off into providing you with a late-night blossoming of healing vibrations. It is also fine to meditate for clarity as the Full Moon arrives early and with a flourish tomorrow morning at 2:28AM PDT.

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