March 27, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

No one ever said that the time-period of the Full Moon has to be stable and calm. In one sense, it can be similar to the eye of a tornado or severe atmospheric storm. This month’s Full Moon — energizing 7 degrees of Aries and Libra — arrives with a definite jolt at 2:28AM PDT. The reason for the jolt is that in the hour before the Full Moon, the Sun parallels Uranus (1:28AM PDT) while the Sun also makes a contra-parallel with Chiron (2:24AM PDT). The addition of Uranian and Chiron-type dynamics to this Full Moon makes the solar-lunar liaison even more potentially illuminating and healing-oriented than usual.

However, if the shadow nature of these celestial bodies somehow takes charge, then a widespread lunacy can take hold — making many people unnerved, worried and anxious. Do your best to send out positive, healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and the kingdoms of nature. Individual and group meditations are encouraged.

In esoteric circles, this particular Full Moon every year — as the first one during springtime in the Northern Hemisphere — is considered related strongly to Shamballa, the higher-dimensional center on Earth where the Will of God is known. If you can be an active agent of goodwill, light and love to your greater community and human society as a whole, then playing that kind of role will be terrific while Chiron makes a contra-parallel with Uranus (9:53AM PDT).

Nonetheless, another long void lunar cycle clocks in during the monthly Moon-Mars opposition (11:15AM PDT). This void-of-course uncertainty zone lasts over 30 hours — concluding at 5:55PM PDT tomorrow. Try to utilize an inspirational, 72-degree contact from Vesta to Uranus (2:26PM PDT) to improve your investment-business bottom line.

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