April 03, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Tensions are filling the psychic atmosphere today as the cosmos reverts back to its condition and behavior from the end of March. Following last night’s need to cut through apparent roadblocks of the mind, heart and spirit during the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase, now the Moon in Capricorn squares Venus in Aries (12:14AM PDT) and Mars in Aries (3:36AM PDT). It’s this latter 90-degree aspect that does the main damage as it starts a void lunar twilight zone in Capricorn that lasts until 1:43AM PDT tomorrow morning.

The feeling of here-we-go-again — as a repeat of April 1 — definitely has meaning. You should be on firm ground completing old projects with enthusiasm as long as you refrain from inaugurating bold, new enterprises. Even though the Moon is nearing the end of its transit through the tenth sign of the zodiac, you should still strive to command respect from whatever level of authority and prestige you have in society. Being weak-willed and a Caspar Milquetoast during lunar visitations in responsible and achievement-oriented Capricorn is a no-no.

Look forward to making gains on the frontiers of alternative medicine tomorrow under the progressive environment of Chiron positively aligned with Pluto.

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