April 04, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

There is no need to emerge from your cocoon until the Moon leaves void status in earthy Capricorn and enters airy Aquarius (1:43AM PDT). At this point, your temporary life as a caterpillar ends and you turn into a multi-faceted butterfly — exploring community events, team sports, group projects and global movements close to your heart and philosophy of life.

Ceres re-enters nurturing and home-oriented Cancer (3:18AM PDT) until June 22. Be more productive around your residence and help family members on the skids.

As suggested in yesterday’s calendar entry, take a great leap forward on the alternative medical front — courtesy of a fairly rare, supportive, 60-degree link from Chiron in Pisces to Pluto in Capricorn (5:54AM PDT). Even though this aspect happens early, it can be influential throughout the day. In-depth studies — especially in psychology and metaphysics — are recommended.

If you are looking to empower a primary partnership, the vibrations surrounding the monthly Moon-Juno union in Aquarius could be favorable (1:41PM PDT). You can also utilize this alignment to spruce up your wardrobe, shop for jewelry and art objects, or consider redecorating plans for a favorite room.

Be extra sensitive in conversations around the time-period of a Mercury-Mars contra-parallel (4:26PM PDT). The parallel and contra-parallel aspects are formed by the celestial bodies using the north and south dimensions of the Celestial Equator — as a great circle surrounding the Earth — rather than the Ecliptic (the apparent Sun’s circular motion around the Earth and where the zodiacal signs are located). However, any solar systemic bodies making the parallel or contra-parallel connection can be associating in a formidable manner.

Let the good times roll tonight at a party or impromptu gathering as the Moon trines Jupiter in air signs (11:27PM PDT).

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