April 07, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

This is a good point in the calendar to remind you that planetary alignments don’t just disappear in 24 hours. Yesterday’s Venus-Mars union is still having repercussions through the psychic atmosphere — although today’s aspects will carry greater weight. This is one of the reasons understanding astrology takes a lot of time and hard work — because there are solar, lunar and planetary patterns always approaching, forming exactly, and then waning, and all need to be juggled, with varying levels of strength.

The bottom line right now is that the creative, artistic and loving vibrations released with Venus conjunct Mars on Saturday are rippling through the ethers and affecting everyone on Spaceship Earth.

Healing forces are operating at full strength — courtesy of the monthly Moon-Chiron union in Pisces (2:55AM PDT). Lend a helping hand to loved ones under pressure. Explore advances on the cutting edge of alternative medicine.

Cooking, baking, gardening and soulful walks by a favorite body of water are highlighted. Treat family members to a batch of grandma’s old-world recipe for seafood chowder and crab cakes.

Literary and educational interests wax in power as the Moon forms its monthly union with Mercury (9:11PM PDT). However, this lunar conjunction with Mercury starts a void uncertainty zone that lasts until 12:03PM PDT tomorrow. Pushing forward during a void lunar time-span with bold, new plans is taboo. It is best to complete odds and ends with flair and efficiency.

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