April 11, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Start gearing up — ahead of time — for tomorrow’s celestial fireworks when Pluto is motionless and turns retrograde, Mercury and Uranus form a dicey contra-parallel, the Sun parallels Mars, and Saturn makes a rare, off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Uranus.

Even though this quartet of potentially nasty alignments is not official until Wednesday, all four of these potent sky patterns are building up in strength. Therefore, they could overrule today’s more favorable ties — such as the Moon forming a supportive, 60-degree link to Ceres (12:12AM PDT), Venus making the same kind of aspect to Vesta (1:52AM PDT) as well as a problem-solving energizer when the Moon unites with Pallas in earthy Taurus (7:23AM PDT).

Every monthly Moon-Pallas conjunction can double as a research aid, innovation-catalyst, and boost for adding foods to your diet that bolster your immune system. Cooking, baking and especially gardening are back in vogue. Get your hands dirty with potting soil, and learn more about botany and the fine art of utilizing specific Moon cycles to assist you in growing flowers, veggies, shrubs and fruit trees.

Focusing attention on budgetary and business matters always makes sense with the Moon transiting the second sign of the zodiac. Enjoy a soothing whirlpool treatment, massage or hot-tub experience under the stars as a way to relax before Wednesday’s astro-psychic showdown.

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