April 17, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Lights! Cameras! Action! There is plenty of intensity and high drama going on before our eyes today on Planet Earth — thanks to the Sun finally catching up to the red planet Mars and uniting with this traditional planet of agriculture, warfare, heroism, and athleticism. The official conjunction occurs at 29 degrees of Aries at 5:21PM PDT, but all the hours preceding the rendezvous and afterwards carry the torch of revved-up idealism, courage, honor, faith, devotion, willpower, and yet also potential volatility, anger and aggression.

Even earlier we note that a struggle for supremacy is going on as Mars forms a dicey contra-parallel with dreamy Neptune (11:33AM PDT). This challenging aspect is more influential in the partnership realm whereas the Sun-Mars connection is a reminder for each individual, human soul to veer away from heavy-duty egocentricity and switch gears instead to being magnanimous to dear ones, true friends and hardworking colleagues.

Visually, imagine the solar systemic nature of the solar life-orb engaging with the red planet from our perspective on Earth. In reality, today’s main cosmic event is a line-up of Earth, Sun and more-distant Mars — moving far beyond our shining yellow star.

The Moon in Cancer all day can make for a sensitive emotional backdrop to the heady energy-field being created by these celestial bodies firing up our often hum-drum lifestyles. Meanwhile, watch out for a temporary rising tide of self-doubt and pessimism coming from a Venus-Saturn contra-parallel (11:15PM PDT). Be a lover; not a fighter.

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