April 19, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Know where you are going and what you are doing. Great gains can be made today, but it is also easy to take a cosmic detour and lose your sense of direction. From the favorable end of the astro-psychic spectrum, take advantage of golden opportunities as the Moon in Leo trines intuition-enhancer Uranus in Aries (3:19AM PDT) while the Moon parallels beautiful, loving Venus (5:17AM PDT). The positive, harmonious vibrations of life continue in force as Ceres trines Neptune in water signs (8:02AM PDT) — boosting productivity in painting, photography, poetry, theater arts, film-video work, music and dance improvisation.

However, Mercury and Saturn threaten to crash the party atmosphere when they maneuver into an off-kilter, 150-degree tie (1:17PM PDT). Be extra careful on the business front. Think before you speak to steer clear of foot-in-mouth errors of judgment.

The universe offers you another olive branch in the form of mental expansion via a Moon-Jupiter 60-degree alliance (2:07PM PDT). Nevertheless, this Moon-Jupiter contact begins a 28+ hour void lunar uncertainty zone in Leo that lasts until 6:10PM PDT tomorrow. Adding to the anxiety factor today is the Moon parallel Mars (3:45PM PDT) — rekindling some of this past Wednesday’s inflammatory martial vibes during the Sun-Mars union.

Be aware that the Sun is also shifting signs today as it morphs from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus (3:04PM PDT). The Sun entering the second sign of the zodiac places a distinct emphasis on learning more about personal finances, budgets, and saving your tangible resources for the future. Say no to pride and over-optimism later on when the Sun makes an abrasive, 45-degree link with giant Jupiter (11:11PM PDT).

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