April 20, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Don’t let this become the lost weekend. Starting off with a long void lunar cycle in fiery Leo (until 6:10PM PDT) can equate with a rising tide of uncertainty. However, within the context of this void-of-course puzzle and potential befuddlement arrives the annual Mercury-Uranus union at 10 degrees of Aries (2:21AM PDT) and Mars entering Taurus (4:49AM PDT) until May 31.

Even though the Moon is in void status, strive to utilize these two celestial happenings with a flourish. Mercury conjunct Uranus can speed your thought process, open your mind to ingenious ideas, and nearly electrify your nervous system. Mars transiting Taurus — just following the Sun’s ingress from yesterday — puts more pressure on you to solve monetary conundrums and find novel ways to stash away more cash.

Once the Moon enters meticulous, industrious Virgo (6:10PM PDT), the little things in life become glaringly important. Lunar trines to Mars (6:59PM PDT) and the Sun (8:23PM PDT) appear promising and offer insights on the health, dietary and nutritional horizons.

Nonetheless, gear up for possible interference from downcast family members, friends or associates as the Sun forms a caustic contra-parallel with Saturn (7:34PM PDT) followed by Mars making a testy, 45-degree tie with Jupiter (9:05PM PDT). For Mars and the Sun to rile up the two largest planets, on a Saturday night and into a Sunday morning, is adding insult to injury. Being more of a hermit and studying the Ageless Wisdom teachings makes a lot of sense.

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