April 22, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Earth Day 2013 is no walk in the park. If you are a daily or frequent reader of this calendar, you know that yesterday’s entry warned of a long void Moon — stretching from last night, all through today, and ending at 12:26AM PDT tomorrow morning.

A void Virgo Moon throughout this start of the workweek carries a somewhat ominous tone because it is happening along with the annual Venus-Saturn opposition (12:44AM PDT) — plus Mercury parallel Uranus (2:44PM PDT) and Mars contra-parallel Saturn (7:29PM PDT). Of these three sky patterns, the Mercury-Uranus engagement sounds the most appealing and enlightening. Breakthroughs in higher consciousness are prevalent.

However, Venus in polarity to Saturn can send the big chill temporarily to lovebirds and it can also wreak havoc on the business front. Economic markets may be experiencing a lot of volatility and a bad case of the psychic jitters.

Deliberately attempt to inject humor and enthusiasm into your work and relationships in order to neutralize the shadow side of this evening’s Mars-Saturn interaction. When the two traditional malefic planets cross swords in the heavens, earthly behavior can follow suit — leading to societal unrest, relationship strains and possible break-ups, and overall turmoil.

By lifting the spirits of those around you — as well as propping up your own self-confidence — you can get through today’s enigmatic alignments with a minimum of discord.

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