April 28, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Just when you thought the coast was clear — following the Sun-Mars merger (April 17), Mercury-Saturn 150-degree tie (April 19), Mercury-Pluto square (April 21), Venus-Saturn opposition and Mars-Saturn contra-parallel (April 22) — along comes the annual Sun-Saturn polarity (1:28AM PDT) via Taurus and Scorpio.

Even though this opposition happens early, it can easily affect the entire day as Saturn is the key planet of delayed reactions. Almost all oppositions require interpersonal experience to work out their inner tensions and create a new level of loving understanding. While traditional textbooks in astrology might indicate that a Sun-Saturn opposition is bad or negative, it actually signifies the need to illuminate (Sun) the hidden fears, phobias and doubts (Saturn) that underlie all partnerships. There is also a mysterious karmic factor that can come forth when the center of the solar system interacts with the ringed planet ruling time, logic, common sense, focus and responsibility.

A 45-degree tie from Venus to Vesta (4:57AM PDT) can either add to your list of woes or be a catalyst to help you understand feminine values with greater lucidity. As this 24-hour time-period continues, the shadow side of the Sun-Saturn contact can dissipate — particularly as Venus forms an inspirational, 72-degree link to its higher-guardian planet Neptune (5:57PM PDT) , Mercury makes the same kind of 72-degree connection with Juno (8:36PM PDT), and Venus makes a subtle and yet encouraging, 30-degree rapport with Jupiter (8:52PM PDT).

Considering the Moon is still residing in upbeat and euphoric Sagittarius while all this is taking place, you may be able to escape Saturn’s sometimes stern clutches completely — although a Moon-Mercury trine in fire signs (9:38PM PDT) that appears beneficial also starts a void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 5:22AM PDT tomorrow. Ceres trine to Saturn (11:23PM PDT tonight) suggests that parental, family and nurturance issues are prominent.

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