May 01, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

As May 2013 arrives on the scene, use kid gloves in handling challenging family or business relationships. Last night’s Mars-Saturn polarity — in fixed, power signs — didn’t make it simple or easy to deal with temperamental individuals. Make sure your own anger button doesn’t accidentally become pressed in the process of trying to play the role of Good Samaritan or Rock of Gibraltar.

Other early morning tensions may be due to the Moon in Capricorn forming a square pattern of 90-degrees with Mercury in Aries (7:08AM PDT). This conflict on communication and emotional levels is also the bringer of a short, 13-minute void-of-course lunar cycle that ends at 7:21AM PDT when the Moon vaults into the universal air sign of Aquarius. From this point onward, it is wise to become a vital part of group projects, team sports, community events and global causes close to your philosophy of life.

Bring ideals and visions down into concrete reality — thanks to Mercury setting foot in Taurus terrain (8:38AM PDT) until May 15. Your mind can be racing with inspirations as the winged messenger planet is beginning to move at its fastest daily pace of the year — over 2 degrees per day for the next three weeks. This helps your intellect and intuition merge into a dynamic duo.

Tune into your spiritual willpower and mental concentration as the Sun makes one of its two, annual trines to distant Pluto (10:37AM PDT). Steer clear of confusion and crossed signals in primary partnerships as Mercury forms a contra-parallel with Neptune (3:53PM PDT). It is far better to experiment with a video or digital camera or to improvise on a favorite musical instrument than to conduct foolish arm-twisting maneuvers on dear ones.

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