May 09, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Trying to gain forward traction in the early going won’t necessarily be like a walk in the park. While a supportive, 60-degree alliance between the Moon and Ceres (2:27AM PDT) signifies a temporary rise in productivity and persistence, a rush to judgment or inflammatory behavior sends you to the back of the class as the Moon parallels Mars (2:51AM PDT) while also making a union with the red planet in Taurus (6:53AM PDT). Being feisty and impetuous won’t win you rave reviews.

On the other hand, versatility and flexibility are promoted as Venus enters mutable Gemini (8:04AM PDT) until June 2. The stakes for success keep climbing as the dark-of-the-moon vibes point you in the direction of finishing up old ventures on a high note while the monthly Moon-Mercury union (12:07PM PDT) and a subtle, nurturing, 30-degree rapport from the Sun to Jupiter (1:14PM PDT) encourage you to keep moving ahead as a clear communicator and resourceful educator.

Finally, the New Moon (activating 20 degrees of Taurus at 5:30PM PDT with a component Annular Solar Eclipse occurring 4 minutes earlier) is the catalyst that wants to propel you forward to the promised land of prosperity. However, this moment of time — while carrying a note of golden opportunity — also starts a void-of-course lunar uncertainty factor that will continue until 2:22PM PDT tomorrow. It is often best to simply go with the cosmic flow during a void lunar time-span — not forcing issues, but taking everything in stride and enjoying the celestial ride.

Meanwhile, the Moon unites with Pallas (6:16PM PDT) — a signal, even if moderate, that problem-solving skills and strategic thinking can still lead to important realizations of your next steps ahead in the near future.

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