May 13, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you tuned into this calendar yesterday, you know that the cosmos is very active right now. First of all, the long void lunar cycle in Gemini — that began on Sunday morning — ends at 2:58AM PDT when the Moon enters the sign of its natural abode, watery Cancer. Home and family issues are front and center. Residential clean-up campaigns are highlighted over the next 2+ days.

Think clearly to pad your bank account and insure your financial future as Vesta trines Saturn in water signs (3:53AM PDT). Another reason to have your mind operating logically and sensibly is that Mercury makes four alignments — an inspirational, 72-degree liaison to Chiron (10:03AM PDT), a frictional, 45-degree aspect to its higher-guardian planet Uranus (4:55PM PDT), and then two contacts with underworld-ruling Pluto, a contra-parallel and intense, 135-degree tie at 5:15PM PDT and 9:27PM PDT, respectively. Under these mercurial conditions, it is wise to expect the unexpected while also studying psychology and metaphysics to your heart’s content.

Your emotional state can rise or fall as Mars forms an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Neptune (10:44AM PDT) while Venus makes an abrasive square with the ancient, trident-armored God of the Seas (1:48PM PDT). Since many professional astrologers believe Neptune is the higher-guardian planet to Venus, their 90-degree encounter today can pack a wallop in the realms of feelings, artistic endeavors, and primary partnerships.

Come down from Cloud 9 in regard to a love or romantic interest. Be pragmatic concerning business pursuits, crafts and hobbies. Gardening, cooking and baking are in style.

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