May 21, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Once you wake up from yesterday’s karmic onslaught, it is time to figure out who is the new you! Did Monday’s Uranus-Pluto square-off, plus the other potent alignments, shift year psychic gears into park, neutral or super-drive? Four more Uranus-Pluto 90-degree aspects will keep humanity on its proverbial toes until March 2015. Therefore, the spiritual process of shape-shifting into your higher self is more unfinished than complete.

In the meantime, the universe gives you a 24-hour time-period to playfully enjoy the brand new Solar Gemini vibes — offering you a cornucopia of delights on the communication, literary and educational horizons. Amplifying this trend are flowing trines via the Moon in Libra to Mercury in Gemini (7:34AM PDT) and Venus in Gemini (12:25PM PDT).

Keep up your valiant efforts to move ahead across the board, although the evening atmosphere is muddled due to a frictional, 45-degree aspect from Pallas to Uranus (9:41PM PDT) and a square from Mercury to Chiron (11:50PM PDT). While anxiety and stress may suddenly be rampant, you can still manage to tweak both sky patterns into bringing you divine and healing resources that allow intellect and intuition to blend their magic.

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