May 22, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Just when it seemed like the universe was beginning to moderate its perpetual battle with humankind, you need to gear up to dodge a few mega-blasts by disgruntled celestial bodies. Early on, the path of higher knowledge looks clear as a bell due to a harmonious trine in air signs from the Moon in Libra to Jupiter in Gemini (12:36AM PDT). This 120-degree contact is bound to expand your thought process and give you an optimistic jolt.

However, often what the cosmos gives, it quickly takes away. This same alignment starts a 13+ hour void lunar uncertainty zone when it is best to complete odds and ends rather than break new ground with bold ventures. By 1:56PM PDT, the void lunar energy-field in Libra is depleted, but in its place is the intense, fixed-power vibration of Lunar Scorpio for the next 2+ days.

Scorpio Moon has the capacity to turn you into a savvy detective — able to get to the core of familial mysteries and personal secrets, often difficult to decipher. In addition, any kind of research project or investigation is given new life when the Moon traverses the eighth sign of the zodiac.

Nevertheless, expect a possibly bumpy ride around 5:21PM PDT when the Moon and Sun configure via an off-kilter, 150-degree connection. Listen to inspiring music or improvise on a favorite instrument as the Moon trines Neptune in water signs (10:46PM PDT). Start preparing for the powerful Full Moon that will reach its apotheosis this Friday.

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