May 24, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Now that the 48-hour preparation for the monthly solar-lunar polarity has passed, it is time for individual and group meditations to rally around the Full Moon — energizing 5 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius at 9:26PM PDT. However, before arriving at this enlightening time-period, you should be nurturing dear ones with extra support and kindness as Mercury trines Juno (1:15AM PDT).

Are you anticipating some martial fireworks that might put you on edge? That type of energy-field arrives at 6:56AM PDT during the monthly Moon-Mars opposition. Adding to the uncertainty factor is this polarity — beginning a void-of-course Moon cycle in Scorpio that lasts until 2:50PM PDT when the lunar orb enters upbeat, fiery Sagittarius.

Inspirations begin flying fast once the Moon is safely placed in Sagittarian territory as Mercury unites with Venus in Gemini (4:55PM PDT) just a few hours before the Sun and Moon orchestrate their complementary dance in the heavens at 9:26PM PDT. [This Full Moon also has an Appulse component, where the Moon is in the penumbra shadow of the Earth — exactly at 9:11PM PDT. This heightens the astro-psychic power of the Full Moon experience.] Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and the kingdoms of nature.

In esoteric circles, this Full Moon is often known as the Festival of Humanity — encouraging the light, love and wisdom of divine sources to permeate our slowly evolving lives on Earth with genuine goodwill. Keep in mind that under Sagittarius Moon, there is a burning urge to explore the great outdoors and enjoy fun, games and athletics with like-minded souls.

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