May 25, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Don’t let this become the lost weekend. First of all, it is important to recall that the 48-hour time-period after every Full Moon constitutes a key opportunity to distribute the enlightening vibrations just received during the solar-lunar energy-exchange across the Earth. Therefore, whatever you can do today and tomorrow to be an ambassador of goodwill to your family, friends, the neighborhood, community, nation and global village will help the evolution of humanity.

The early hours appear promising on the healing, athletic, science and metaphysical fronts as Mars makes an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Chiron (12:38AM PDT) while the Moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius forms a flowing trine with future-revealing Uranus in Aries (9:02AM PDT). If you like browsing for treasures at art fairs and antique malls, this can be a productive morning. Find time to improve your golf swing, curve ball or hook shot. Games like bowling, pool, poker, and backgammon gain favor.

If you start feeling tense or irritable, it may be due to an abrasive, 135-degree link from feisty Mars to provocative Pluto (6:37PM PDT) while a similar 135-degree contact forces Mercury to interact with often restrictive Saturn (11:04PM PDT). Ignoring these two challenging aspects is not advised as two more planetary clashes — Mars-Uranus and Sun-Neptune — reach exactitude during the first half of Sunday. Avoid disagreements with dear ones, reflect on recent achievements, and count your blessings.

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