June 15, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Easy does it! Last night’s Juno station is still influencing humanity in a very potent manner and Chiron is on the verge of making its station and turning retrograde early Sunday morning. Any time a celestial body is motionless its archetypes are let loose inside the collective consciousness of humankind as well as inside each person’s psyche.

Of course, it is hard enough to get through any day of the year without dealing with planetary stations, and today we have the perfect example. Virgo Moon appears to be reasonably placed and the lunar orb is trine to Pluto (6:06AM PDT) while forming supportive, 60-degree links to both Venus (3:35PM PDT) and Mercury (10:07PM PDT).

However, Mars is forming an off-kilter and potentially volatile, 150-degree link to Pluto (6:20AM PDT). If you are somehow able to avoid the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that this cosmic combination can cause, Mercury and Juno make the same kind of off-kilter, 150-degree liaison (5:48PM PDT) to test your patience and stamina in primary partnerships. One way to stay out of trouble is to be an efficiency master and superb organizer around your residence and in work areas.

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