June 19, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Ready, set, go! With the Moon in Scorpio, you can feel an incentive to tackle the responsibility-enhancing, monthly Moon-Saturn union (8:21AM PDT) with confidence rather than trepidation. The lunar orb with the beautiful ringed-planet can sometimes create fear, worry and pessimism.

However, today provides us with the annual Sun-Jupiter union at 29 degrees of Gemini (9:12AM PDT). The two largest celestial bodies of our solar system — working in tandem — is a clear symbol of enthusiasm bordering on euphoria. Plus, the North Star Polaris and the first magnitude star Betelgeuse are also located at this zodiacal placement — adding extra stellar power to today’s solar rendezvous with the ruler of Mount Olympus from ancient Greek mythology. Thinking along optimistic lines — no matter where the circumstances of your life seem to be at the moment — is your best approach to making today a winning experience.

There are challenges waiting in the wings as Venus makes a discordant, 135-degree tie with potentially hazy and confusing Neptune (11:12AM PDT) while Ceres forms a similar, frictional 135-degree link with wounded-healer Chiron (12:02PM PDT) followed by a sharp square from Mars to Chiron (5:44PM PDT). See this trio of difficult sky patterns as testing your mettle rather than being ironclad obstacles.

Giving you a boost in hope, faith and trust later tonight is the approaching Venus-Jupiter parallel that will become exact at 2:00AM PDT tomorrow morning. Knowing you are about to welcome this terrific alignment into existence overnight can help to make some of your most fervent ideals and dreams closer to becoming reality.

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