July 03, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you read the July 2 calendar entry, then you already know that the universe is in the mood to throw you a few dipsy-doodle curve balls. The first of these is a square-off between Ceres in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio (7:23AM PDT). Ouch! This is one of the key celestial signs that parental figures may be at odds or that tensions are growing within the family dynamic. Don’t add your own temper or anger to the potential turmoil regarding relatives, siblings or ancestors.

Communications may seem to be improving as the Moon approaches a supportive, 60-degree tie with Mercury retrograde (forming exactly at 8:52AM PDT). However, this astro-connection is more illusory than rock-solid as the Moon-Mercury tie begins a 17+ hour void twilight zone in Taurus that lasts until 2:23AM PDT tomorrow when the Moon enters airy Gemini. When you add a void Moon to Mercury in reverse, it is rather difficult to gain forward traction in your key areas of genius and accomplishment.

Having fun with arts, crafts and hobbies is still an option as the Moon parallels Mercury (1:42PM PDT). Get ready for surprises, shocks to the system and overall unpredictability as the Sun squares rebellious Uranus (11:23PM PDT). Striving for stability under this kind of solar relationship to jack-in-the-box Uranus is foolish. You might as well study advanced subjects in metaphysics and science to see if you can find a portion of enlightenment that can guide you spiritually as Wednesday night morphs into Thursday morning.

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