July 05, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Just when it appeared that the universe was clicking on all cylinders, earthlings have to deal with another bunch of shadowy celestial vibrations. Some measure of exhilaration and vitality is emphasized in the early going — courtesy of an inspirational, 72-degree rapport from Mars to Uranus (3:08AM PDT) while the Sun forms one of two, annual trines to Chiron (6:03AM PDT). This latter alignment can also bolster your psychic sensitivity and ability to decipher dreams or tune into a future event before it happens.

However, Venus is still proving to be an unreliable planetary force for the good as the traditional celestial body of love and beauty makes a frictional, 45-degree tie with the red planet Mars (8:09AM PDT) while also forming an off-kilter, 150-degree link with Pluto (7:44PM PDT). It was only yesterday morning that Venus was at loggerheads with mysterious Pluto and this month started with Venus in frustrating cahoots with Saturn and Neptune. Keep striving to come from the heart in key discussions and meetings while realizing that whatever problems are at work may need a lot of tender loving care — over days, weeks or longer — before resolution is found.

A bright spot occurs during the monthly Moon-Pallas union in Gemini (9:18PM PDT). Strategic thinking, research and finding new ways to strengthen your immune system are empowered.

Note: Saturn in Scorpio is slowing down considerably as it nears a station and shift from reverse to direct on Sunday night. If you start feeling some extra anxiety, stress or frustration during this weekend, chalk it up to the looming presence of this important planet associated with hard work, perseverance, responsibility, career aims, executive authority as well as self-doubts, pessimism, fears and old karma.

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