July 06, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Strange forces are on the prowl during this unusual weekend. As reported at the end of yesterday’s calendar entry, Saturn is virtually motionless as it nears its official shift direct after its retrograde motion in Scorpio since February 18. You will need to wait Sunday evening before the precise Saturn standstill in the zodiac, but the repercussions of this upcoming celestial turnaround can be felt now as well as over the next few days.

Saturn — the second largest planet in our solar system — always equates with contraction, pessimism and fears rather than expansion, optimism and hopes (some of the qualities associated with our largest planet — Jupiter). However, Saturn also represents the ability to work hard and achieve realistic aims, via persistence, over the long haul.

For asteroid watchers, be aware that Vesta enters fiery Leo (3:00AM PDT) until September 9. While Saturn’s presence is looming large this weekend, the Moon in Gemini forms its monthly union with Mars (5:31AM PDT). The lower level energy-field of the red planet corresponds with rash acts, impulsive behavior, and egocentric attitudes. Too much Mars in this manner can lead to volatility, temper tantrums, and violence. On the other hand, Mars is also the ruling planet of romantic passion, strong and upbeat emotions, courage, leadership and athletic prowess.

This month’s lunar rendezvous with Mars also starts a void lunar cycle that lasts until 3:15PM PDT. Avoid reckless moves during the 9+ hour lunar limbo time-span. Say no to big decisions and key signings.

Once the Moon enters its natural abode of watery Cancer (3:15PM PDT), home and family themes capture the limelight. Clean-up rituals around your living space are emphasized. Cooking, baking, gardening and nostalgic trips down memory lane are ways to stay out of trouble.

The best news of the day is when the Moon unites with giant Jupiter (8:22PM PDT) for their monthly encounter. This can neutralize some of the pending shadow side of Saturn by allowing you an evening to make progress with literary, publishing and educational pursuits. Enthusiasm and levity temporarily win out over stress and worry.

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