July 07, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Can you feel the presence of Saturn surrounding you on the one day in 2013 when this mighty planet ceases its retrograde motion at 5 degrees of Scorpio and begins to move direct (ever so slowly) at 10:13PM PDT? The fact that the precise time is known doesn’t mean that the Saturnian currents are only functioning at that time; instead, the entire day and even the next day or two are endowed with Saturn themes.

Now, it was a month ago — on June 7 — when another planet, Neptune, made a station and that 24-hour time-period also included many challenging planetary patterns during a dark-of-the-moon phase that always precedes a New Moon. The situation returns again — this time with Saturn on center-stage, a dark-of-the-moon phase when dynamic energy is less available than usual, and a New Moon is waiting in the wings to occur early tomorrow.

First of all, before the Saturn station makes it into the historical record books at 10:13PM PDT, the Moon in Cancer reminds you to go with the cosmic flow (as much as possible) and be a Rock of Gibraltar for suffering dear ones. In addition, Venus is trying to make amends for its recent bad behavior by making a heart-enhancing parallel with the Moon (3:29PM PDT) while also forming a trine with eclectic, media-savvy Uranus (5:15PM PDT). Therefore, despite the strong potency of Saturn weighing upon humanity, Venus is attempting to be an active ambassador of goodwill and friendship across the board.

Keep in mind that all of Saturn’s themes — hard work, responsibility, perseverance, executive authority, structure, form, logic, focus, contraction, doubts, pessimism, fears, chronic problems, and old karma — are being activated throughout the human kingdom.

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