July 08, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you made it through yesterday’s maze of cosmic craziness, you deserve several rows of gold and silver stars for high merit on the spiritual path. Nevertheless, you are not out of the woods yet since Saturn’s station and shift into direct motion is still dynamically present. All of Saturn’s themes — as enunciated in Sunday’s calendar entry — return and possibly with greater emphasis today. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to bolt out of the starting gate, even though the powerful New Moon (activating 17 degrees of Cancer) clocks in at 12:15AM PDT.

Each new solar-lunar conjunction has the capacity to give you a positive jolt toward success across the board over the next four weeks. This New Moon also has the tag-along presence of Mercury retrograde nearby in that the Moon unites with Mercury (4:45AM PDT) — placing a great focus on communications, correspondence and literary endeavors in the couple of hours preceding the exact formation of the alignment. However, once the Moon and Mercury are precisely together (4:45AM PDT) another lengthy void lunar uncertainty zone begins that lasts until 3:49AM PDT tomorrow when the Moon glides into fiery Leo.

This 23-hour void-of-course Moon time-span can send you on cosmic detours if you are spacey and inattentive. Part of the reason it is easy to be off-target is that Venus forms an awkward, 150-degree tie with Chiron (3:27PM PDT) while the Sun makes a similar, 150-degree link with Juno (10:56PM PDT).

Do your best to utilize higher healing vibrations in nurturing loved ones. To accomplish this difficult feat, you may need to adjust your thinking and emotional state in order to be more inwardly calm and receptive to divine guidance. Plus, attempting to aid people when the Moon is void, Mercury is retrograde, and Saturn is virtually motionless is not an easy task.

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