July 13, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Don’t overdo a good thing while the normally beneficent planets — Venus and Jupiter — form a frictional, 45-degree contact (12:54AM PDT). Find a way to tweak this interaction into giving you buoyant spirits by which to make forward progress with artistic, literary and educational endeavors.

Once every approximately 2 years, Mars enters the oceanic currents of Cancer to potentially stir up discord on the home and family fronts. This ingress by Mars into the fourth sign of the zodiac occurs at 6:23AM PDT and lasts until August 27. Of course, Mars can be a provider of courage in the face of troubles and passion in order to defend your dear ones from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. However, the red planet is also notorious for inflaming seemingly calm debates and making them into raging controversies that lead to angry outbursts. Whatever you can do to keep criticisms to the bare minimum will definitely be appreciated throughout this entire weekend. Use words to heal — not harm and provoke.

Meanwhile, you also have to contend with the arrival of a void lunar twilight zone — beginning at 8:27AM PDT (during a Sun-Moon 60-degree rapport) and lasting until 12:42AM PDT tomorrow when the Moon enters airy Libra. This 16+ hour void time-span should be utilized to complete old business with flair and be an efficiency master around your residence. Out with chaos; in with clarity and order.

Get ready for another major planetary shift coming up next week as Uranus in Aries slows down in forward motion as it prepares for a reversal on Wednesday July 17.

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