July 16, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

You may recall that at the end of the calendar entry for Saturday July 13, there was a note that Uranus — the main planet of revolutionary, shocking and breakthrough events — would be making its station in Aries and shift from direct to retrograde motion on Wednesday July 17. Realistically, Uranus has been virtually motionless for the last few days and will continue having no speed for the next several days. Tomorrow at 10:21AM PDT may be the official halt of this unusual, hard-to-decipher celestial body, but the repercussions from its immobility are being felt for this entire week.

In the meantime, there is no need to get going with practical matters until the Moon in Libra leaves void mode and enters the fixed water sign of Scorpio (7:25AM PDT). Don your detective garb, a la Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie, and solve ancestral enigmas and childhood mysteries. Ferret out secrets via a renewed expertise in research and in-depth studies across the board.

An inspirational, 72-degree link from Venus to Saturn (7:42AM PDT) — plus the Moon trine to Jupiter (3:44PM PDT), united with Saturn (4:01PM PDT), and trine to Neptune (4:11PM PDT) — can awaken your psychic abilities and help you understand the deep-seated emotions that may be temporarily disturbing loved ones.

Prepare for a very big 24-hour time-period on Wednesday as several challenging alignments accompany the Uranus station and — drum roll please — a Grand Trine of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune develops in water signs.

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