July 26, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Finish old business on a high note this morning. This is particularly emphasized with the Moon void in Pisces — the last sign of the zodiac — until 2:30PM PDT. In addition, confusion and chaos are potentially on the rise due to Venus forming its annual opposition with its higher-guardian planet Neptune (5:09AM PDT). What you believe to be true about a significant other may not be the case. Don’t jump to conclusions without the facts.

In the meantime, Venus moves on to making two aspects with ring-master Saturn — a seemingly supportive, 60-degree contact (11:37AM PDT) and a more caustic contra-parallel (1:52PM PDT). Even with favorable alignments — like the 60-degree sextile aspect — Saturn can rub you the wrong way and increase limits, frustrations or delays. Therefore, be more cautious and careful as the waning hours of the void lunar uncertainty zone come to pass.

Once the Moon enters fiery Aries (2:30PM PDT), the universe encourages you to be more assertive and to accentuate your leadership credentials across the board. This is emphasized several hours later when the Moon trines the Sun in fire signs (10:14PM PDT). However, Aries Moon can also equate with a build-up of stubborn attitudes and since tomorrow offers many disturbing sky patterns, you should strive to be on your best behavior as tonight morphs into Saturday morning.

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