July 28, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you have emerged from yesterday’s frenzied, celestial uproar relatively unscathed, then consider that you have dodged a bullet or a firing squad of astro-psychic ballistics. However, even though today is fairly devoid of major, challenging aspects, Saturday’s tumultuous conditions do remain in effect — at least below the surface. Therefore, overdoing a good thing or thinking that the emotional coast is clear is foolish and naive.

There are two beneficial aspects early today as the Moon parallels Venus (6:11AM PDT) followed by a supportive, 60-degree alliance from Venus to Jupiter (6:43AM PDT). Even though the Moon in Aries is in void mode until 9:44PM PDT, you may be able to utilize these two favorable alignments in the fine and graphic arts as well as in literary and educational pursuits. Try to maintain a jubilant, care-free state of consciousness during the long void-of-course lunar cycle.

Once the Moon shifts gears from Aries to Taurus (9:44PM PDT), it is best to contemplate what rock-solid, down-to-earth plans you want to set in motion over the next two days when the Moon transits the key sign of business-financial activity.

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