November 01, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Stop, look and listen as November arrives with a vengeance. The big news is the square between Uranus and Pluto (3:31AM and activating 10 degrees of Aries and Capricorn). This is another in their series of seven, tense 90-degree sky patterns occurring from June 2012 to March 2015. If this battle between revolutionary and underworld forces were the only extreme alignment of the day, it would still be a very challenging 24-hour time-period.

However, here’s a list of other major aspects that can influence humanity and society in a very profound way — Mercury makes a supportive, 60-degree link to Mars (5:04AM), the Sun trines Chiron (6:13AM), the Sun forms an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Uranus (9:45AM), the Sun makes a supportive, 60-degree link with Pluto (10:06AM). Venus trines Pallas (10:16AM), the Sun unites with Mercury retrograde at 10 degrees of Scorpio (1:20PM in what is called astronomically an Inferior Conjunction of Sun-Mercury), Mercury makes a supportive, 60-degree contact with Pluto (3:45PM), Mercury also forms an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Uranus (4:16PM), Mercury trines Chiron (7:01PM), and Mercury forms a frictional, 45-degree connection with Vesta (9:18PM).

It is exceedingly rare to have a total of 11 significant solar, planetary and asteroid alignments all on one day when many days only have 1 or 2 and sometimes none. The list includes several 60-degree and 120-degree aspects which are primarily harmonious as they are based on hexagonal and triangular type geometry inside the circle of the zodiac. Thus, there are short windows for potential success across the board.

Nevertheless, the two 150-degree aspects (which often require an adjustment in attitudes and feelings), the Sun union with Mercury, as well as the Uranus-Pluto square, put this day into a category of red alert. Slow your pace across the board, avoid major signings and long-term agreements, and be extra sensitive to dear ones on the skids. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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