April 18, 2014

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Yesterday’s fortune-change from Moon-Saturnian caution in Scorpio to Venus-Jupiterian glee in water signs Pisces and Cancer may not last all-day long. Yes, Venus is still playing the role of help-mate by forming a supportive, 60-degree sextile to Pluto (2:27AM) while Pallas trines Juno in fire signs (2:57AM) — encouraging the full use of problem-solving skills and strategy sessions to improve the quality of your primary partnerships. It is also welcome news that lively, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented Sagittarius Moon is at the lunar helm for 24-hours.

Mercury is another catalyst aiming to please human-kind since this Messenger of the Gods planet is now moving at its fastest daily pace (2 degrees or more per day) until May 6. When Mercury has his winged sandals on and is fully operational, human minds think better and faster, and communications may respond by being more lively and energetic.

However, just before everyone exits the cosmic theater tonight, Mercury tosses humanity a screw ball in the form of an off-kilter, 150-degree link with Saturn (11:32PM). Pushing the business or career envelope too far too fast can backfire with instant karma coming home to roost. Tune into your careful, conservative instincts overnight in order to be safe rather than sorry when the weekend arrives with a cosmic bang tomorrow morning. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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