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The Maya Calendar: A Message of Hope

The Maya Calendar: A Message of Hope

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December 21, 2012: A Shift in Consciousness

December 21, 2012: A Shift in Consciousness

We’re getting closer to the infamous day -- December 21, 2012. I’m guessing that most of you believe as I do... read more

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      What romantic adventures are in store for you? Get a Free Psychic Reading today. Call 1-800-648-9165 right now!
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      • Love is on its way...
      • It's as good as money in your pocket.
      • In order to have great friends, you must first learn to be a great friend.
      • Remember yesterday, but live for today.
      • Opportunity is knocking at your front door.
      • Someone special is thinking of you right now.
      • Good things are on their way.
      • Be receptive to popular ideas.
      • Please someone at work by remaining calm and impartial.
      • Your love light shines on another.
      • You're desperately trying to remember a dream; perhaps you should go back to bed.
      • Romance is likely; strike up a conversation.
      • Start a new project at work -- or start a new job altogether.
      • It's not advisable to leap before you look, but that may be all you have time for.
      • What looks like an appealing offer may not be.
      • You're filled with a sense of urgency. Be patient or you may end up confused.
      • You crave your lover when the two of you are apart.
      • You have more work than you can handle. Go take a rest; you deserve it.
      • Complete chores you've been avoiding for some time.
      • Embrace change; don't battle it.
      • Pursue your wishes aggressively.
      • The big issues are work, career or status right now.
      • Keep to yourself -- friendliness may make enemies.
      • You learn about another person in the process of teaching them something.
      • The day only gets better.
      • By helping someone else today, you may also be helping yourself.
      • Love lights up your world.
      • You work best on your own now.
      • The harder you work for something, the easier it is to achieve.
      • If you have time to kill, kill it productively.
      • Procrastination isn't part of the deal; your ambition is your ally.
      • Don't fret over every detail; embrace the big picture.
      • Give yourself enough time to get to it all.
      • Don't burden yourself with too much busywork; pare down.
      • Lean on your pals; your social sphere is a huge source of love and support.
      • If your expectations are too low, prepare for an unexpected surprise.
      • Tend to your own business; you'll be happiest pursuing personal endeavors.
      • Other people serve as the conduit: the power to change lies solely with you.
      • Lighten your load; part with things that don't matter.
      • Don't let the opinions of others limit and define you.
      • Too much of a certain thing is throwing your life off balance.
      • Allow yourself a little quiet time in your busy life.
      • Stay out of it: let others work it out without your help.
      • A little introspection will reveal a new source of inspiration.
      • A troubling problem will respond well to time.
      • A courageous approach is the answer to a lingering problem.
      • Gratitude will illuminate a dark corner of your life.
      • Failure isn't a dead end: allow your challenges to inspire great things.
      • Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.
      • If you're still waiting around, move on to Plan B.
      • A certain something cannot be fixed: move on!
      • Reconnect with your past, present and future.
      • Growth doesn't lie in empty words: focus on following through!
      • Doing something for someone else is the antidote for loneliness.
      • Taking a risk is the only way you'll know for sure.
      • The source of restlessness is easily remedied: embrace a creative outlet.
      • Give an unresolved issue from the past room to breathe.
      • More stuff is not the answer; go within for inspiration.
      • Doors may shut: don't let that deter you from your dreams.
      • With the right attitude, the good life is within reach.
      • Stay right where you are: your mere presence is soothing to someone.
      • Treat yourself to some serenity; your soul craves peace and tranquility.
      • Material comfort isn't the answer: seek a spiritual foundation.
      • Rely on your inner compass to find clarity.
      • Spontaneity will work out well for you: go with your gut.
      • Your brilliance is eclipsed only by your empathy.
      • You won't get anywhere talking about it. Take action!
      • Don't be afraid to explore former dead ends: something new is afoot.
      • Revisit the past; seek new adventures in old ideas.
      • Don't let fear hold you back: step outside your comfort zone.
      • Turn down the heat on a romance; let calmer heads prevail.
      • Make the first move; hesitation will prove costly.
      • Illuminate the darkness; serve as the example of positivity.
      • Live your life on your terms. Maturity comes with the territory!
      • Find foreign inspiration; an exotic encounter will teach you all you need to know.
      • Letting go won't come easy, but you'll cherish your hard-earned freedom.
      • A certain something begs for further investigation; don't let up.
      • Your intuition is keyed in on something seemingly inconsequential. Pay attention.
      • Be resilient. A flexible approach will only enhance an excellent opportunity.
      • Find comfort in your routine. Detours won't be worth it.
      • No details are the best details. Focus on the big picture.
      • Let your competitive nature get the best of you. A rivalry is heating up.
      • Identify alternatives. You'll want to cover all angles.
      • Joy will come from meeting family obligations.
      • Enjoy the ride -- just make sure another plan is in place afterwards.
      • Any contributions made now will yield delightfully unanticipated results.
      • Move forward. Enlightenment looms.
      • Your message should speak to the masses. Nuances will be overlooked.
      • Don't let contradictions deter your progress. Muddle through the madness.
      • Mismatched agendas will cause more than ruffled feathers. Stay vigilant.
      • A grounded approach is the best way to deal with a conundrum.
      • Creativity is coming fast. Be prepared to take notes.
      • Emotions will only muddle the confusion. The answers lie in the data.
      • Make the most of a supercharged momentum.
      • Popularity and respect are not synonymous.
      • Let romance blossom naturally. Iron out details later.
      • Double check your bank account. Money matters are deceiving.
      • Unexpected publicity changes your whole landscape.