The Mantra That Will Get You Through 2021—Based on Your Zodiac Sign

January 5, 2021

2020 was… a lot. While we are all very excited that this year finally came to an end, many of us are still nervous about the future. After all, all the bad things that we have experienced—both personally and on a global scale, aren’t going to go away with the flip of the calendar. 2020 brought many endings but with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, plus many other planetary movements that are happening in the new year, 2021 is a time of new beginnings and opportunities. As we enter this new age, it may be helpful to have a mantra to chant to help guide you through it all.

A mantra is a series of words or sounds that have been uttered through history, from its early use in various religions all over the world, to offering a voice to our inner workings and deepest desires. Mantras can aid you in meditation, and in shifting habitual thought patterns. Mantras are also useful in spell casting, as speaking words aloud—sometimes over and over—helps manifest whatever you’re seeking into existence. At the very least, a well-chosen mantra can provide a sense of self-confidence and empowerment.

So, as we enter this new year, here is the mantra that will benefit you the most in 2021, based on your zodiac sign. Please check the mantra for your sun, moon, and rising sign.

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“I take the crown.”

2021 brings opportunities for taking on leadership roles in your life: whether you are making new friends, taking on more responsibility at work, or just taking charge of your personal life. As the first sign of the zodiac, your bold, independent nature is always ready to take the lead, but your self-esteem may take a hit halfway through the year. As you go through 2021, remember to keep your eyes on the prize. The crown is yours for the taking, so be brave and lead the way for others.


“I am growing into my highest self.”

The new year brings you to some difficult places, Taurus. While you may have thought 2020 was a ride, 2021 brings some growing pains as you deal with possible setbacks and ever anger. You’ve always been a patient sign, and this year will test exactly that. However, even in the hardest moment, remember you are moving in the right direction—that you are becoming the person you are meant to be. Trust the universe.


“I am limitless.”

Get ready for a very stimulating year, Gemini. You will be feeling more powerful than ever as you align with your highest good. As you go through this new year, remember that you have unlimited potential. When you hit potential roadblocks, remember that nothing can stop you. When in doubt, manifest it.


“I am gentle with myself.”

As a water sign, you aren’t afraid of getting deep into any subject or any emotions. However, 2021 may feel like an emotional tidal wave as you deal with self-reflection, spirituality, emotional spaces, and karmic cycles. When you’re caught in the middle of the storm, the only thing you can do is ride the wave until it passes. So ride that wave, Cancer, just be kind to yourself as you do. And be gentle—as you’ll be doing a lot of growing.


“I am letting go and taking care of myself.”

This is going to be a major year for you, Leo. 2021 is going to be jammed packed with activity and while you may feel tempted to try to control everything and everyone, it won’t be sustainable. The biggest lesson you’ll have to learn this year is patience. Gratification won’t be instant, but it will come. So, let go of anything that you can’t control and take care of yourself—everything else will fall into place.


“I celebrate every day.”

2021 brings some major accomplishments your way, Virgo! However, because you’re a modest sign, you may choose to opt-out of celebrating your hard work and success and instead focus on your next challenge. This year, allow yourself a moment to pat yourself on the back, give yourself a little treat—even if the only thing you did that day was the bare minimum. Because just surviving is worthy of a celebration. From a kind word, to a round of applause, enjoy life’s small moments as well as your big achievements.


“I have the power to create change.”

2021 is a big year for you, Libra! You are bringing your natural gifts of communications and creativity to the new year as you find new ways to express yourself and what you’re passionate about. However, it’s not all fun and games. You’ll also become very altruistic this year, turning your attention to humanitarian interest. Remind yourself that you have the power within to make lasting change. Never forget your voice.
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“With change comes opportunity.”

2021 brings you to a crossroads and you will have to make decisions surrounding family, career, and long-term issues. Unplanned events will bring changes and a brand-new perspective on issues you were certain about. While change is scary, it also brings amazing opportunities you’ve never dreamed of. Don’t be afraid of change, Scorpio, it’s encouraging you to step into your power.


“All I see is green lights.”

The new year brings a major turning point to your life. While 2021 brings an abundance of energy and friendships, it also brings up old wounds and some deep self-reflection. However, it’s the major realizations that will bring dazzling success. As you go through the ups and downs of the year, remember that anything is possible and you can do anything. There’s nothing but green lights ahead of you, Sagittarius—just go.


“I dare to be present.”

As a hard-working sign, you’re only going to be busier in the new year. As you strive towards the future, you are also being pulled away from relationships. However, while you create success and a bright future for yourself, don’t forget to give the present a little of your attention. Allow yourself to take the small joys of your everyday right and don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. It could change you for the better.


“I accept the spotlight.”

This is truly your year to shine, Aquarius! People are looking to you for inspiration, whether they realize it or not, and you’re ready to lead them. 2021 will bring a lot of twists and turns your way, but nothing you cannot handle. Whatever life gives you this year: whether it’s possible or negative, accept it with open arms. You can take anything life throws at you this year and make it magical. Just accept it.


“I honor my vibes.”

2021 will be a very sensitive year for you, as the new year brings a different type of energy. This year, it’s important to honor your feelings, and to trust your intuition as they are more in-tune with the spiritual world. Trust that your vibrations are guiding you in the right direction. When it’s necessary, give yourself space to have all the feels.

Art by Allison Bagg