April’s Forecast Holds the Promise of Rebirth as We Restructure Our World

March 30, 2020

Where the astrological weather of March may have felt really tough as we started emerging from a re-birth passage, April’s forecast depicts us finding our legs and beginning to explore a new frontier. 

As April unfolds, we see a shift from the Capricorn dominance of the past months as three major planets now shift into social and relational air signs. The Libran full moon on April 7 forms a grand air trine with Venus in Gemini and Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, highlighting a collective shift toward objectively realizing ideas, and growing intellectual discourse on redrafting our borders, movements, and agreements, on a personal and collective level.

The month ends on a grounded and determined note as we shift into Taurus season, punctuated by the renewal of the Taurus new moon and Mercury also settling its communications and currencies into the earthy, dependable sign of the Bull. We find ourselves revising our financial plans and adapting to the shifting economic tides in the wake of the recent pandemic and the cascade of change it has set in motion.

Prepare for what’s ahead with your April horoscope! 

April 3: Venus enters Gemini, and Mercury is conjunct Neptune
April’s first major planetary shift occurs on Venus’s day with Venus moving from earthy, dependable Taurus, into lively and curious Gemini. Where Venus in Taurus supported a time of enjoying the bounty of Spring, life’s luxuries and sensual pleasures, Venus in Gemini supports a movement into the outer worlds of mental connections and thought exchange. An uptick in energy, activity, and diverse scenarios will likely be experienced, inspiring change and adaptation in our daily routines. 

Venus in Gemini is insatiably curious, being a placement of having a crush on the whole world at once. It’s a season of wanting to sample a little sparkle from everyone, like a bee drifting from flower to flower, so we may not feel like settling down in a relationship, preferring to graze the field. Those already in a committed relationship may want to get out and have some fun with their loved ones, to seek out anything new and exciting to add fresh air to a cozy and safe partnership.

By the evening, Mercury, the natural ruler of Gemini, comes into a powerful conjunction with illusory Neptune in Pisces, adding an idealistic and dreamy backdrop to Venus’ playful sign shift. Mercury is very creative and emotive in Pisces, which is amplified by enigmatic Neptune now, when we may find ourselves musing on our greatest desires and the deepest wishes of our soul. Expect romantic imaginings and sensory shifts that morph and change as fast as a cloudy sky on a windy day. Life feels like a tapestry of mysterious, mesmerizing patterns.

April 4: Venus is trine Saturn, and Jupiter is conjunct Pluto
The following day, Venus in Gemini forms an air trine with Saturn, who recently shifted into inquisitive Aquarius until July 1. This potent activation of the free-flowing air element between the planet of love and the planet of duty may symbolize some clear verbal commitments being spoken in our relationships now. Venus in lively Gemini has the upper hand in this trine, which will keep stern Saturn in contrarian Aquarius from being too oppressive, helping any conversations and agreements that are forged this week to strike a good balance between heart and intellect. 

Later in the day, Jupiter in constructive Capricorn comes into a conjunction with chthonic Pluto, the first of three that will occur this year. This melding of the planet of expansion with the planet of destruction and transformation amplifies potent personal and collective growth that is happening in the material realm. Capricorn is the earth sign of structure, order, and authority—making this 3-fold conjunction symbolic of the important changes and evolutions that are occurring in our governments, and how we are personally managing our resources and power. Jupiter in Capricorn is all about cautious optimism and sustainable growth, so any bounties and affirmations this year only come to us after hard work and determination. The house that Capricorn is on the cups of in our birth charts sets the stage for where this process is occurring this year. 

Parallel to these conjunctions, Jupiter in Capricorn is also forming a series of sextiles with Neptune in Pisces this year, so we may find ourselves vacillating between working to materialize our highest ideals and visions while attending to what is disintegrating and composting in our lives. We will only be able to expand into the new if we fully release the old, decayed, and corrupted systems that no longer serve and drain our energy. We may be making some hard choices this year, guided by belief and faith.

April 7: Mars is square Uranus, Mercury is sextile Jupiter and Pluto, and a full moon in Libra
Tuesday, April 7 is the warrior planet Mars’ day of the week, so it’s fitting that it should be brimming with radical and catalyzing aspects that are sure to set the momentum of the month. First off, Mars in Aquarius comes into an edgy square with Uranus in Taurus, a clash of two active and unpredictable planetary forces, both in tenacious fixed signs. This amplifies and provokes confrontations in the face of surprises and upsets, with Uranus’ revolutionary energies having an upper hand. Anything could be possible now, so if we are receptive and relaxed, we can be ready to flow with the changes that are coming, rather than becoming agitated and combative. We may not have a choice of whether or not to be engaged, however, and may need to actively steer these potent forces in a constructive direction, as well as we can.

Later on, Mercury in sensitive Pisces forms a supportive sextile aspect with both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, highlighting an afternoon of helpful and constructive conversation, likely in the wake of the sudden changes and revelations of the morning. Capricorn sets a stabilizing tone, and Pisces opens up empathetic channels between the planet of messages and the planets of growth and transformation, making this a good day to be heard and to mobilize new plans.

By nightfall, the Libra full moon brings a culmination of energy, highlighting the forces of peace, love, and harmony. With its magnetic pull on the tides, the full moon can draw out potent feelings, so our emotions may be running high—especially with Libra’s ruler Venus in lively Gemini. The house that Libra is on the cusp of in our charts, and the area of life this represents, has undergone a revitalization in the past six months, so today we may be reaping the fruits of what was planted around the end of September in 2019. Tonight’s Libra full moon forms a grand air trine with Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, opening a portal of opportunity to move forward clearly in a new direction!

April 10-11: Mercury enters Aries, and is sextile Saturn
After three months of Mercury moving back and forth between objective Aquarius and empathic Pisces, the tone of communications becomes more assertive and direct when Mercury moves into potent Aries until April 27. This placement is Mercury’s most fiery and potentially confrontational expression and could provide an opportunity to move quickly with any writing or communication projects, helping us to act on gut instinct. This could be helpful after a period of indecision and delays with Mercury’s recent retrograde season but may set the stage for verbal battles if we are feeling impatient or frustrated. 

The following day, Mercury in primal Aries forms a collaborative sextile aspect with Saturn in intellectual Aquarius, which will likely have a steadying and clarifying effect on Mercury’s bold maneuvers. Though our conversations are likely to be assertive and potent, this connection between Mercury and Saturn will catalyze our action and channel them swiftly into some exciting results.

April 14-15: The sun is square Pluto and Jupiter
The sun—powerfully exalted in Aries—comes into a testy and triggering square aspect with both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn the following day. The first square is a clash between perception and transformation, where the forces of awareness and consciousness bristle against the forces of disintegration and irreversible change. Our sense of courage is being challenged by the intense crisis of our times, and today may feel like a make or break moment. It’s a turning point, where we need to make some hard decisions and fully commit to a new path that we may not feel ready to walk but must follow just the same. It’s a time to cut ties and take risks for long term well-being.   

The following day, this square aspect shifts from dark and enigmatic Pluto, to cautiously optimistic Jupiter in Capricorn, which catalyzes our actions and re-connects us to the bigger picture. Jupiter in Capricorn soberly encourages us, amplifying our resolve, and catalyzing our drives. Though the square aspect is still hard and challenging, Jupiter tends to be a positive planet, making the square between the sun and Jupiter mostly helpful. Since the sun in Aries is very hot and action-oriented, and Jupiter is expansive, this aspect is likely to blow up our energy, testing us to harness and focus its abundance.

April 17-19: Mercury is sextile Venus and Mars, and the sun enters Taurus
Mercury in potent and primal Aires forms a supportive sextile with Venus in Gemini, heating up our relationships with words of love and attraction. This is a time for verbally expressing any amorous, or creative visions in a swift and inspired way. This day is vibrating with playful and romantic possibilities!

The following day, Mercury in assertive Aries forms a sextile with Mars in Aquarius, the other planet astrologically connected to sexuality and attraction. While Venus’ sexuality is playful and affectionate, Mars’ influence is more primal and insistent, awakening instinctual urges and a desire for the chase! After yesterday’s playful exchanges, some sparks may be igniting, and any words or expressions of love may be yielding some powerful results. At the very least, this aspect bodes well for taking creative risks and initiating bold new projects.

Then on April 19, the sun leaves its sign of exaltation to enter Taurus, the sign of nature’s bounty and beauty. This is the heart of Spring season, when the element of earth in its fixed, established mode, and the damp fertile soil is beginning to yield new growth. It’s the time of year for spring cleaning, beautifying ourselves and our world, and reconnecting to outdoor life after a long, insular hibernation season in the Northern Hemisphere. Taurus is a receptive, patient sign, much like its symbolic Bull, making this a good time to slow down and smell the roses after the propulsion of Aries season awakening and driving new change and momentum. Taurus is ruled by Venus in playful and energetic Gemini now, adding a highly mental and curious mood to this solar ingress.

April 22: New moon in Taurus
Within a few days of the solar shift into Taurus season, we have April’s new moon in Taurus. The new moon is a time of conjunction between the light of the day, and the light of the night, marking the end of a lunar month and the beginning of the next. Symbolically, it’s time to take rest, to go within, conserving energies and suspending actions until the moon gains light again. The house that Taurus is on the cusp of in our birth charts, and the area of life it is connected to, will be re-energized in the upcoming months. We can take some time now to restore and recharge our vitality by turning to self-care practices and relaxing inactivity. Since Taurus is an earth sign of embodiment and sensuality, nutrition and body care may be most important now. Taking a break from over stimulating and heavy news feeds will help us reset our lunar rhythms and reconnect us to nature.

April 25: Mercury is square Pluto and Jupiter, and Pluto goes retrograde
Mercury in impulsive Aries comes into a catalyzing square aspect with both expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto today, bringing potent communication in contact with this year’s bigger themes of growth and sustainability. Since these responsibilities are likely to be feeling heavy, our communications may be centered on problem-solving and expressing the toll it’s taking on our mental health and physical energy. Today provides an opportunity to express our concerns and meet any problems and challenges head-on. Many of these uneasy feelings have been brewing under the surface, so today may feel like a pressure release as it all comes out. There may be some debates or arguments, but these aspects are fleeting and can be navigated best if we are clear, open, and honest with our expressions. Any painful truths revealed today may hurt at first but can lead to healing long-term.

Meanwhile, chthonic Pluto slows down and grinds to a halt before reversing on its retrograde course today. The process of destruction, composting, and regeneration that Pluto is connected with will be re-emphasized until October 4. This activity is not likely to be obvious, or overt, but it may have us pausing to dig deeper into our soul work or psychological inquiries in the midst of our daily commitments and lives for the next few months.

April 26-28: The sun is conjunct Uranus; Mercury enters Taurus and is square Saturn
On April 26 the sun in grounded Taurus forms a conjunction with radical Uranus, who is in the Bull’s sign for the next several years. This is a merging of perceptions with the evolving relationships we are navigating with materiality in these times. The sun stimulates awareness and energy, and Uranus brings surprises and upsets, possibly bringing some unexpected revelations that we have to contend with today. It could also take form in sudden ideas and new opportunities that are underscored by Mercury’s shift into Taurus the following day. The surprise revelations may come in the form of messages or letters, or in the chance to constructively communicate a creative innovation.

Just as soon as swift Mercury enters patient Taurus, it comes into an edgy square aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. This adds some friction to our communications and perhaps symbolizes an early stumbling block when trying to establish a new plan. Since Saturn is all about patience, discernment, and commitment, this square aspect may indicate there is an aspect to what we are working on that needs to be refined with objectivity before it can take hold long term.

April 30: Mercury is conjunct Uranus
April ends with the merging of Mercury with Uranus in Taurus, a melding of communications with radical insights and adaptations. Since Taurus is an earth sign connected to material security, nourishment, and embodiment, some surprising revelations in regard to these themes may be occurring today. In the old world of astrology, Mercury was connected to money, so this conjunction may symbolize a shock or sudden new development when it comes to global economies, or how we are managing our own wealth, health, and resources. It could even take form in the establishment of new ways to do business, with new currencies emerging, and the inception of new economies.    

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