Aquarius Moon: Traits, Meaning, Characteristic

June 23, 2022

With an Aquarius moon in your natal chart, the moon was traveling through air sign Aquarius on the day you were born. Here’s what it all means.


While the sun sign gets all the credit for being the sign we identify ourselves as, the sign the moon was in the moment we were born also has a large part in shaping our emotional reactions, our feelings, our inner selves, our comfort zone, and who we think we are. 

The moon moves through a zodiac sign every two and a half days, so if you were born when the moon is Aquarius, you have an Aquarius moon. 

Aquarius moon is an interesting combination as we have a very logical, mental sign in a very emotional planet. At first glance, you think that this would be a difficult placement, however, it’s actually lovely, as the Aquarius moon has a very unique approach to dealing with strong emotions and feelings, creating a perfect balance between the mind and the heart, creating a sense of harmony. 


Aquarius moon is one-of-a-kind, priding themselves on being original. They don’t happily follow the crowd, but look for the unconventional. Even if they gain popularity and fame throughout their lives, they will always feel like an outcast at heart. However, while this may hurt as a child, they will eventually embrace this feeling as they valid their individuality above all else. 

Aquarius moons are intellectuals, you can usually find them lost in a book, taking a course for fun, or engrossed in a podcast. Aquarius moons want to know everything and will probably be an expert in several subjects throughout their lives. They need constant mental stimulation to feel fulfilled.

This intellectual curiosity in a moon sign gives them a strong imagination, allowing them to see all the possibilities in life. They know that a better world is possible, and they want to help create it. 

However, while Aquarius moon can see all possibilities, they can often be very stubborn, not wanting to go with the group unless they are going allow with their plan. However, if they are given a good, logical argument, they will open their minds to it. While Aquarius moon longs for community, they often appear distance, preferring to deal with emotions privately and logically. While they appear detached from everyone, remember that there are deep emotions below the surface. 


  • Independent 
  • Logical
  • Open-minded 
  • Idealistic


  • Contrary 
  • Aloof 
  • Stubborn


An Aquarius moon is a humanitarian at heart, gifted with logic and altruism that allows them to understand that the world un hunting and the desire to develop solutions on how to fix it. 

An Aquarius moon is on a quest for understanding. They are like an alien or a scientist, sent here on the planet to study us: from how society works to what makes humans tick. Using the research they gather they want to use their innovative mind to make the world better than they found it. 

This is a lofty goal, but Aquarius moons are up for the task. If there is one thing an Aquarius moon loves, it’s the opportunity to experience the unknown. However, while they are trying to save the world, they need to remember their first duty is to save themselves. That they need to make space for their emotions and feel their feeling or their aloof nature will alienate them from everything they hold dear. 


Unless they have a lot of water signs in their chart, Aquarius moon is not someone who is into big emotional declarations of love. For them, romance starts on an intellectual level before reaching a physical or emotional level. 

Aquarius moon relationships often start off as friendships before turning into romance. They need someone who can keep up with them intellectually or they’ll get bored and move on. 

In relationships, Aquarius moons need a lot of personal space to feel safe. They cannot be with anyone who is clingy, possessive, needy, or jealous and will push people away if they are feeling overwhelmed. They need a lover who will understand that they need time for their projects and interests, but will come back to them when they’re ready. 


Aquarius moons are intelligent, curious, and innovative, which makes them excel at a variety of career paths. In fact, they may have several careers throughout their lives because of their range of interests. 

Natural problem-solvers, they would do well in a career in tech or business as they are always thinking of new ideas and solutions to any problems. They are also great at networking and can usually rise through the ranks quickly at any job because of the connections they make. 

However, the Aquarius moon will not be fully happy at any job unless they know they are helping others with their work. They want to create things that help others and solve problems that will make lives better. 


While the moon sign can tell us a lot about our emotions, it can also inform us about our relationship with our parents. If you have an Aquarius moon, one of your parents probably has a strong Aquarius placement in their chart. 

You probably had a distant relationship with your family, or you had a unique family structure that was different from others. Either way, you probably had a family relationship that is based more on mental bonds than emotional ones. 

As an adult, Aquarius moon will probably have a large group of friends they consider family. They will lean toward adopting or fostering children than having biological children if they choose to be a parent. Despite being the most emotional sign, they will do anything for the people they care about. 


Aquarius moons typically have many acquaintances but very few people they consider friends. Aquarius moons are very social and outgoing and often moves through many social circles, using their skilled conversation skills and unique attitude. 

In fact, they usually have a band of other misfits they hang out with. However, they tend to keep things surface level and not get too deep with people on an emotional level, except with a chosen few. While they tend not to get emotionally involved, they love solving problems for their friends. Only go to an Aquarius moon if you want a solution to your problem, not a shoulder to cry on. 

How to Attract an Aquarius Moon 

The best way to attract an Aquarius moon is to stimulate their mind. Start by making yourself different from everyone else in the room—wearing a unique clothing item, an original haircut, etc. 

This will make the Aquarius moon curious and want to reach out to you. Then, reel them in with your wit and intellect. Talk to them about a subject you know a lot about but they don’t, ask them questions about what they’ve been studying, or engage in some witty banter to flirt with them. Show them you can keep up with them intellectually and they’re yours. 


What does it mean if you have an Aquarius sun and moon sign?

This will give you big Aquarius energy as the traits of Aquarius will in amplified. It also means how you are at your core matches how you view yourself. 

How do I determine my moon sign?

Use this birth chart calculator to find your moon sign. Make sure that your birth time is correct! 

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