Channeling Spirits: How-to, Spirit Guides, and More

March 11, 2022

Whether you’re channeling someone you lost or using a medium to reach your spirit guides, this article answers it all on channeling spirits. 

When we hear “channeling spirits”, we may think of ouija boards, psychic mediums, and our favorite horror movies. While channeling spirits seems intimidating, it can help us connect with our spirit guides and loved ones.

Channeling Energy Meaning 

All entities carry energy, in the spirits that passed through the metaphysical realm to the physical one. We feel their energy flow through us by channeling. Channeling is a method of communication where we connect with nonphysical entities and allow their energies to flow through us. Channeling allows us to receive the energy of spirits and help bring it into our reality. 

Channeling can be done in a variety of ways: from creative activities like writing, dancing, or making art. You can also do it through meditation, being alone in nature, or using crystals and Tarot cards

When we start channeling energy, we can then start channeling the spirits around us. 

How to Channel Spirits

Channeling spirits safely isn’t as simple as breaking out the ouija board. In fact, it’s often best left to the experts, like Christine Wallace, founder of Psychic Reading Expert who has been working as a psychic/clairvoyant with mediumship abilities for over 35 years. Wallace channels spirits through meditation, often occurring randomly during her psychic consultations where a friend or relative will want to send a message to a client. Messages can range from final goodbyes to disputes that never got settled. 

Wallace says that if you want to channel spirits, you should contact a professional. “Spirits, especially angry or jealous ones, have been known to create havoc on a person’s life. Once a connection is made by way of Ouija boards or an innocent invitation by a teenager who has no idea what they’re doing, it can prove difficult to undo,” says Wallace. 

However, if you are set on channeling spirit, try automatic writing. Automatic writing is when you write down words and messages without being consciously aware of what you’re writing. 

To practice automatic writing, find a quiet place and cast a protective circle around you. Meditate until you feel the urge to start writing. When writing, don’t overthink it. Don’t even look at the page. Just let your hand take over. When you’re finished, read over what you wrote and see what messages your loved ones and spirit guides have sent you. 

Someone You Know 

More often than not, people are often trying to contact the spirit world because they want to connect with a loved one that is no longer with us. Whether we’re trying to get closure, say goodbye one more time, or just feel their presence. While channeling the spirit of a loved one can be a beautiful thing, it can also make you very vulnerable. Remember, spirits aren’t bound by a moral code. They can lie. 

“The issue is that while you may be trying to communicate with a loved one a portal can open and other unwanted spirits can come through under the guise of being the loved one,” says Wallace. She warns that bad spirits can change their appearance to look like a loved one or even lie to get you to believe them. Remember to protect your space if you’re channeling energy and spirits, including casting a protection circle and burning protection herbs to keep you safe. 

Spirit Guides 

You can also use channeling to meet their spirit guides, non-physical beings that act as our guides and protector through life. Spirit guides can come in many forms, from guardian angels, deceased loved ones, and even our beloved pets that have passed on. Your spirit guides may send you messages through repeating numbers, special symbols, or speak to you in dreams or through divination. You may discover your guides through a special Tarot reading or through a physical medium. 


Is channeling real? 

Yes, channeling spirits and energy is a real way to connect yourself with the spirit realm and bring that energy into your life through meditation or creative outlets. 

How does channeling work? 

Channeling works by being open to the energy, spirits, and vibrations that surround you. By trusting your gut and listening to your intuition. 

How do you channel your energy? 

You can channel your energy through creative outlets like writing, art, dance, and singing, through meditation, and by listening to your intuition. 

What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a non-physical being that acts as our guide and our protector throughout this life. Our spirit guides protect us from harm and help guide us through the obstacles that life gives us. 

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