Chinese New Year 2020: A Chinese Zodiac Guide to Year of the Metal Rat

January 24, 2020

The year of the metal Rat brings energy and a fresh start. This year will host a merger of luxury with practicality, when you reach for the best as you choose quality over quantity. Form meets function when choosing home décor, a car to drive, and the clothes you wear. What is important and valuable rises to the top, and the rest can be discarded.

It’s a great time to focus on your career and personal goals. The metal element is about organizing your resources. It’s good to take stock of what you have, what you owe, and who can help you. You may pare down your belongings, selling off the excess to buy yourself something new and better. There are many income-producing opportunities this year. In Rat years, we are reminded that the fastest mouse escapes the cat. Move quickly and decisively, and you’ll find success.

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The master number 2020 indicates connections—and relationships are the key. When it comes to love, romance at work is quite possible. You can also find friends and lovers at networking meetings, professional conferences, and educational centers. In the practical metal Rat year, it’s only natural to build a side business with your partner. Meet people who share your passion for whatever niche interest you have, and you will form deep bonds.

In metal Rat years, things that are shiny or that delight the senses are the most coveted. One great-fitting outfit that you can wear to a party or on a date is worth 20 fast-fashion finds. But during metal Rat years, when you’re so much about the bling, drama, and desire to impress, life can become materialistic and shallow. Balance your desire to get ahead at all costs with some spiritual time in meditation or just walking through a park.

Honoring Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year falls on January 25. Prepare to celebrate this new energy by tidying up the house, especially around the front door, to welcome in new opportunities. Sweep the porch, shake out your welcome mat, and dust off the front door. Now you’re ready for fortune to enter your life.

On Chinese New Year day, wear something red to bring in luck. Celebrate with friends and share tangerines that have the stem and leaves still attached, as these represent wealth and success. Avoid using knives and scissors on Chinese New Year as it’s said that if you cut yourself, you may in for pain and difficulty during the year.

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 Your 2020 Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Metal Rat


This is your year! Time to explore new opportunities. The more new things you try, the more lucky breaks you’ll receive. You can find a new job or a whole new career. New sources of money and financial success open up to you. Embrace change and you’ll increase your probability of overall satisfaction. A chance discovery in new places may help you find love. Join groups and connect with like-minded people to expand your circle of friends. If you’re already in a committed partnership, look to do new things together. Stale, old routines should be avoided.


This is a year where you discern what you want and what you can let go of. Many opportunities will flow to you this year. Select only what works for you. Use your accumulated knowledge and skills to get a better job or move into a field you enjoy more. Reach out to friends from your past, and gather these people back into your life. Love comes when you step out the door and confidently meet the world. Don’t hide at home. Go to places where you love to be, especially if you haven’t visited them in a while–like the ocean on a cloudy day, the mountains dusted with snow, or dessert in full bloom.


You will love the fast-moving energy of this metal Rat year. You can make marvelous progress on your big goals by breaking tasks down to bite-size chunks. There will be friends and knowledgeable people who are ready to help, especially with the technical aspects. This is a good year to write your business plan or talk to your manager about your career goals. You can find friendship or a bosom buddy when doing hobbies or charitable work. Join groups and find your tribe. This year, you may form some deep, meaningful relationships that can last for a lifetime.


All this scrambling around during the metal Rat year isn’t your style, but there are some great career opportunities for you within reach if you jump to it. You’re likely to receive recognition this year for your talents and skills. This is not a time for your usual modesty; this year, the wise Rabbit native speaks up at the meeting. People seek you out for companionship, and if you’re open to it, love is possible in the mix. If you already have a special someone, find fun and a closer relationship through home renovation projects done together or house hunting whether or not you’re actually in the market for a new place.


This can be a very good year for Dragon natives, as the fast-moving metal Rat energy can be quite harmonious. It can be a good time for going back to school or picking up some new skills through mentorship or private tutoring. A career change or promotion is possible, especially if you want to do something more groundbreaking. You may travel together with friends to a place you’re never been. Consider creative solutions for funding your adventures. Love can be found where people gather for spiritual, educational, or political events, especially if you’re a member of the group.


This will be a much better year for Snake natives as blocks melt away and what was delayed now appears on your doorstep. Resources come through, but there are still some strings attached. You can gain in your career if you are willing to adjust some of your expectations. Play the long game–first by getting in the door, and then by using your considerable sagacity to secure a positive outcome. Love opportunities abound. You may have more than one person interested in you. Old friends bring new people for you to meet. It’s good to attend parties, and even better to step out of your comfort zone and be on stage.


The opposition year you’re doing can be a challenging one. This is a time when you have to stomp your foot a little harder and speak a little louder to get noticed. A promotion or a new job is possible, but you must ask for it. Your business can grow, but you must market it actively. On the positive side, Horse natives always have their friends, and this circle of comrades is growing. New love is possible if you’re willing to be the pursuer or if you can be quite patient. Success comes when you move quickly and adjust where needed, which are two things a running horse loves to do. Just avoid running into the boxed canyon.


This year, you make progress on your goals by placing one foot in front of the other. Your salary goes up a little or your business expands a bit. Picture growing a great garden where nothing is ripe enough to eat yet. Keep at it, though. This is a process, and you’re the odds-on favorite to succeed by the end of the year. Schedule time for friends and engaging in new interests, especially those involving health and fitness. Be flexible with loved ones, allowing for changes in plans. A new sweetheart can be found in a place that you often visit, like a favorite coffee shop, gym, or shopping mall.


The year 2020 is a potentially great one for Monkey natives. Your quick, creative mind is in harmony with the speed of this metal Rat year. Now is a good time to focus on your stretch goals. Think big when applying to new jobs or looking into a new career. You can start a business this year, especially in the areas of success coaching or selling high-end goods. Your family may expand through marriage, pregnancy, or adoption (this includes pets). Old friends come back into your life and offer support in more ways than one. An admirer may become a partner if you’re looking for a relationship.


This year, you’ll turn challenges into opportunities through your shrewd assessment of your resources and the abundant help offered by those around you. You may be moving or changing your home in some significant way, or perhaps someone else is moving in or moving out. The right set of circumstances are lining up to help you in your career. Love comes in when you least expect it, and a flirtation may blossom into a love affair. Visit new places and meet new people, especially at sunrise and sunset. If you already have a sweetheart, things get better when you laugh or sing together.


A better year is ahead because the doors you’ve been knocking on during the last two years are finally swinging open for you. You feel more energy. The time spent keeping healthy habits will pay great dividends this year. At your job, you may be tapped on the shoulder for a position of greater responsibility. You can step into the spotlight and become a leader. There may be changes within friendships as either you or your friends move some distance away. But new allies gather to help you with your goals. And a new playmate is probable for Dog natives who are looking for love–if you’re willing to go on that first date.


This will be a much better year for Pig natives. You worked hard last year, planting new seeds in many areas of your life. You may have changed jobs, moved, or made shifts in your relationship status. Now, as the dust settles, you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Keep the bounty and let go of activities that bring only struggle and irritation. Colleagues come to your support and help you in your career. You can feel creative and fertile energy all around you. This may bring an addition to the family. A friendship may become a love affair if you’re looking for a significant relationship in your life.

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