Chiron and the Nodes of Destiny Bring Deeply Rooted Issues to the Surface

March 10, 2020

From its current position in Aries, Asteroid Chiron will form an exact square aspect with the north and south nodes of the moon on March 13, making the middle of the current month the most intense period in terms of the aspect culminating. However, Chiron will be traveling within two degrees of this exact square from February 28 until March 25, influencing the entire month of March, and beyond. Known in Greek mythology as the Wounded Healer, Chiron’s effect combined with the nodes of destiny will dig up deeply rooted issues that need to be profoundly felt to discern methods of mediating and healing them.

Since ancient times the lunar nodes have been imagined as a dragon, with the north node of the moon representing the head of the dragon and a place of intake directed toward ambitious desires and making new choices for growth and absorption of material. In contrast, the south node of the moon represents the tail of the dragon and unveils material we have been working with in need of releasing, harvesting, or re-channeling. As Chiron in Aries wrestles with the dragon and catalyzes both sides of the transiting lunar nodes, it will reveal pivotal collective and personal patterns that must be faced without avoidance or denial.

For an image of Chiron in square aspect with the lunar nodes, we can picture Chiron holding a carved bow with the head of the dragon carved on one end, and its tail carved into the other end. As Chiron pulls back the arrow, as the tension of the string increases to reach its peak, Chiron must choose not only where to aim, but whether he should release the arrow or refrain. Similarly, we may feel unsure of which direction to follow, oscillating back and forth between options associated with the south node of the moon in Capricorn and the north node of the moon in Cancer.
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In myth, Chiron was a wise centaur who fostered and trained heroes. Similarly, the difficulties we experience while Chiron is in square aspect with the lunar nodes will serve as initiations into Chiron’s realm where our unique talents can be nurtured and mentored. In astrology, Chiron’s eccentric orbit that weaves in between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus symbolizes how it facilitates a deeper connection with our nonconformist, maverick side that does not fit easily into conventional society. Chiron in Aries will be bringing opportunities to recover whatever you have felt you needed to abandon about your essential purpose to fit in with cultural expectations. What have you been sacrificing about yourself in order to meet the material demands of society?

A key aspect of the collective wound Chiron in Aries will be tending is the intersection between systems of oppression within civilization with one’s identity and core purpose. One theme will involve whether you feel you have agency to pursue what you want to create in life or not. Do you feel disempowered due to a sense of futility in the face of obstacles, or are you acting as an agent of societal institutions rather than following your authentic desires? How can you learn from past wounds and failures, rather than becoming overcome with anger from them? Who are you serving with your power, and what values are guiding the goals you are setting things in motion to achieve?
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Chiron will be positioned within the range of this square for almost the entire month of March. However, since there will be a new moon in Aries on March 24 closely conjoining it, there will be a potent seeding of the associated themes at the end of the month that will stretch into April. This conjunction between the Aries new moon and Chiron will also be forming a square aspect to the degree of the Capricorn solar eclipse from December 25, 2019, and so related issues from December and January may become reactivated. Those who have natal chart placements near five degrees of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra will be especially impacted.

Below is a mantra to help each zodiac sign cope along the healing journey…


May I claim the responsibility of attending to my inner needs.

My focus on external achievement leads me into my personal space to nurture whatever needs healing at the root of my being.


May I release the stories and beliefs that have caused me to suffer and feel isolated.

The wisdom I have gathered from my travels leads me into a more vibrant expression of myself within my community.


May I experience healing connections in fellowship with those who share my interests and purpose.

From the resources I have shared with others, lead me to unearth new ways of supporting my livelihood.


May I be accountable to my core purpose through my work in the world.

From the release of old relationship patterns, lead me to a more authentic and vibrant presence with others.


May I be open to the wisdom I can find in retreat and loss.

From places of overwork and exhaustion, I find the willingness to empty myself.


May I find the courage to face and heal the wounds of my psyche.

From the source of my passion, lead me into an authentic role to play in my community.


May I embrace new relationships of shared purpose.

Attuning to my inner needs and emotions leads me to uncover a more authentic vocation to pursue in the world.


May I be accountable in tending to my health and wellness needs.

From exploring spiritual practices I can integrate into my daily life, lead me to the higher truth of what I need for my healing.


May I be open to where free expression of my creativity and passion leads me.

From my inner values and resources, lead me to risk the vulnerability of sharing my depth with others.


May I make the time and space for nurturing my inner life and emotions.

From my willingness to release old patterns of insecurity, lead me to form mutually empowering relationships with others.


May I be accountable for communicating my needs and seeking healing in my community.

From shedding old patterns of self-limitation, lead me to commit to the work I must do to realize my purpose in life.


May I commit to investments that will support me in claiming my destiny.

My community and friendships lead me to discover the inspiration I need to dedicate myself to fully expressing my creativity and passions in the world.

Collage art by Color Me Lurid