Weekly Finstrology Update for December 26: Year-End Hope

December 25, 2023

All times Eastern.

The trading week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is notoriously low in volume, as traders and investors are on holiday. This year, they could be picking up optimistic signals from a heavy dose of Jupiter and Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules.

When markets reopen on Tuesday, there could be a bit of a hiccup with Venus trine Neptune, making it easy for losses to occur. The Nasdaq-100 could make a high on Tuesday as its sensitive Venus/Mars conjunction in the first-trade chart is the apex of a T-square from an opposition between the moon and Mercury/Mars. Also, transiting Venus is in an easy, facilitating trine to its natal position. Expect some resistance around 17,000.

Still-retrograde Mercury is newly in Sagittarius over the Christmas holiday weekend, and although that is not its best sign, it does signal a focus on news of freedom and truth. It squares Neptune on Wednesday, which could bring confusion, but the full moon and the sun’s trine to Jupiter are there to shed a positive light. On Thursday, the jobless claims report could overshoot expectations with Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius.

The trading year ends on Friday with a big dose of hope. Money planet Venus enters Sagittarius in the closing hour, and Jupiter turns direct in motion on December 30 after four months of retrograde review.

Markets on the Move

SNOW Snowflake

Snowflake, Inc., the cloud-based data and analytics service provider, hit the top of Fortune’s Future 50 list for 2023, which identifies companies with the greatest long-term growth prospects. The list has been developed since 2017 between BCG Henderson Institute and Fortune magazine. 

Snowflake was incorporated in Delaware on July 23, 2012, with its public stock launch on September 16, 2020. It was one of the largest software company IPOs on record, perhaps because the natal first-trade chart has Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn trine the sun, which in turn is conjunct the company’s incorporation moon.

Look for a market low on January 11 when the new moon conjoins first-trade Pluto and trines the first-trade sun. On January 29, a low could occur as the moon conjoins the first-trade sun while Mercury makes a trine to it; also important is that the sun opposes natal Venus. In between, prices could peak on January 24 as Mercury, Mars, and the moon form a T-square with first-trade Mercury. 

On February 29, prices could peak when Venus and Mars trine first-trade Mercury, with Jupiter partile square first-trade Venus. On March 14, the sun is exactly opposite its first-trade position and could signal a low, especially with the moon and Uranus forming a grand trine with the market’s sun and Pluto. Similar grand trines marked lows in June 2022 and October 2023.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX Low on Wednesday, December 27 — Venus opposes the market’s natal sun/Mars conjunction, while first-trade Mercury receives a conjunction from Jupiter and trine from the sun. Look for support near 1.0980, basis March futures.
  • Crude Oil High on Friday, December 29 — The moon forms a grand trine with the market’s first-trade sun and Jupiter/Uranus conjunction while at the same time transiting Mercury and Mars trine natal Mars for extra energy. Among hard aspects, the sun squares its natal position with Pluto, forming a T-square with first-trade Pluto and Mars. March futures could find resistance at $74.50 per barrel or, more significantly, at $76.30.

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