Weekly Finstrology Update for March 4: In Like a Confused Lamb

March 4, 2024

All times Eastern

March comes in like a lamb, albeit unsteady, with only three planetary connections in the sky during the month’s first trading week.

For Monday’s trade (and Super Tuesday primary elections), disruptor Uranus is in the spotlight. On Sunday, money planet Venus squared Uranus, so progressive financial matters are hitting roadblocks. Shortly before Monday’s close, Mercury is exactly 60 degrees apart from Uranus, providing the opportunity for easy misunderstandings.

As the government approaches its latest funding deadline on March 8, the prospects are dim for a deal that makes sense. That’s because Mercury, ruler of communications, conjoins Neptune in Pisces at 10:06 a.m., creating the perfect storm of confusion—both in communications and trading.

Markets on the Move

LUNR Intuitive Machines

Odysseus, the first private spacecraft to land on the moon and the first U.S. vehicle to do so since Apollo 17 in 1972, was built by Houston-based Intuitive Machines that got the nod from NASA in 2019 to send five of its payloads to the moon. The craft had a tumultuous start, setting down on the moon’s south pole with hastily written new computer code to overcome what might have been a crash landing. Still, Odysseus later toppled over, preventing ideal sightlines to the sun for energy and to the earth to send back information. 

The stock began trading on February 14, 2023, around $10 after converting from a SPAC and zoomed to its record high of $136 within a week as the moon, Venus and Jupiter trined its natal moon. The record low was $2.09 on January 4, 2024, when Venus was conjunct the first-trade moon and Mercury square natal Venus. 

The stock price hit a peak of $13.25 on February 21, the day before its successful moon landing as Mars and Venus conjoined first-trade Mercury. Six days later, it had fallen to $4.90 when Mars, Venus, and the moon were trine first-trade Mars. 

Interestingly, transiting Jupiter is approaching its third exact conjunction with first-trade Uranus on March 21, and on its two previous connections last August and September, prices bottomed five trading days later. Thus, look for a low on March 28. On that day, the sun is also conjunct natal Jupiter, and Venus is conjunct natal Venus to provide additional support. Another low could occur on May 10 when the sun and Venus conjoin Uranus while Mars is conjunct natal Jupiter. On May 25, prices could bottom when transiting Mercury conjoins natal Uranus; these two planets are cousins and related to both inventions and intuition.

For price highs, watch March 8 when the moon, Venus, and Mars are conjunct the stock’s first-trade sun and Saturn. Another high could occur on April 12 when Venus is conjunct first-trade Jupiter and trine the first-trade moon while the moon conjoins natal Mars.

Weekly Highlights

  • Bitcoin High on Tuesday, March 5—Several planets are conjunct first-trade planets in bitcoin’s horoscope, including: (1) moon to natal Mars; (2) Venus to natal Neptune; and (3) the sun and Mercury to natal Uranus. Also, Jupiter is trining first-trade Mars. Approaching its record high of $68,906 from November 2021, bitcoin could find some resistance around $68,290.
  • Soybeans High on Tuesday March 5—The moon and Jupiter form a grand trine with the market’s natal sun. An important axis in the first-trade chart between the moon and Jupiter is activated from two directions—a square from the sun and Mercury as well as a trine from Mars and Venus. May soybean futures could find resistance near $11.60 per bu., then $11.98.
  • 10-yr. T-note High on Tuesday, March 5—Jupiter is conjunct the market’s sun to the degree for the first time in 12 years, with the moon trining the sun. The sun and Mercury oppose the first-trade moon. Expect resistance as June futures approach 111-000.

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